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    Xenonauts 2, Xsolla & release date?

    4 weeks before the launch? So there is NOT going to be an Early Access period? I hoped for an Early Access release on Steam on September 1st.
  2. Sander Bouwhuis

    Xenonauts 2, Xsolla & release date?

    I too would like to know when this game is available on Steam. Is that September 1st?
  3. Hi all. I just installed the GOG demo and started the game. First off, I see a bunch of good ideas. The black and white hidden area is brilliant and the graphics have definitely improved over X1. But, I have some problems: 1. Hovering with the mouse shows the cover points. Why not have an option where you can see all the cover points in the map? 2. I set the slider to, for instance, aimed shot. When I walk with a soldier it doesn't automatically show how far I can walk and still be able to do an aimed shot. Why have a slider if it doesn't work? 3. Assuming the slider would work. How can I make it so it includes reserving action points for kneeling? 4. When I walk 2 steps or so, I lose almost all of my action points. I start with 55, I do 2 steps and then I'm at 18 or 15 or 9 or something. I presume this is a bug.