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  1. I say it somehow correlates not I fully understand math. If it smaller - it scale up more, and vise versa. You can even reduce(or increase) w and h of first frame(reduce it in half and explosion will become two times biger, maybe, or something like this) in xml without changing sprites, it maybe can create some artifacts but for one frame you will never see it, but I didn't tried this. I tested only two "explosions" with alien granade to make sure it didn't become too stretched. "plumes" was not mean to be stretched. Game alredy have emp blast
  2. I tried, as you said, lightning bolt and fireball(are we at fantasy territory already) Lightning Bolt is kind of work. Fireball is a bit animated but you will never see that even though it already oversized. I think animation of projectiles is not needed. assets: https://mega.nz/#!BUwmURjB!Scsyf_Hs3VN-njW8rKYWyvQt1ljXTk21nW47krIdWe4
  3. I has idea for flamethrower and after some dozens of readjustments I somewhat synced it but flying stick nature still big in it and it not works well I maybe will try something else, but for most things tiny glowy sticks of different color is good as it is (considering how it work). I only wish some of them was brighter, but it personal prefernces. And I don't know what most of the things are. Asset: https://mega.nz/#!0dpgmawI!Uevh5biHaonTjvqx2jWXpJGy6eZnG961U3v3WVpwdzE
  4. Beams do not work well. At least for my knowledge . I tried it even before realise and it didn't work well. beam propogate from one arbitrary point to another. While in game we have flying sticks. With known speed we can animate it length but it will be still fixed length and at some distance it still turn to long stick and long sticks flying bad at diagonals and can be bad at close range Yea, but three pixels wide for half of second
  5. Thanks. I do not sure what can be done with projectiles, I think they are fine. I got this idea because was botherd by red and yellow smoke from red and yellow explosions and was intrested in tryng things. Projectiles are tiny and appear for tiny and iregular amount of time. I don't know what you imagine. Most of the time it didn't work well About drawn - simulations are more complex and cool but controling it is more complicated then just to draw some shapes whatever you want (but to draw movement of even ten dots for even ten frames is more bothersome then launch couple millions of particles in 3d aplication). And it didnt work because of timing.- sound and instant effect in game demand it to be a flash with, maybe, some aftereffect/ Not some fancy moving
  6. Animating in phothoshop was fun but timing was out of place and animating of smoke and particles is frustrating. But I was still intrested and what is great in animation smoke and particles - computer, So I continued my experiments in Max/ I also sorted out scaling issue - it somehow correlates with dimensions of first frame so it more consistent now. I was lazy to assign it to something and create approprite foldier structure so it just assets pack https://mega.nz/#!cBABUSxJ!SmG4jT_5adu4AW_taF3iExbpmXDH1jAsp1LG-RtgxlY distributed under WTFPL license
  7. Ranged at much lesser extend if at all. But for melee it turn vechicle to a bait, they ignore anything and just run to it. feels gamey. And at next turn vechicle kills them from point blank/
  8. Yea, sort of. Thanks. In game it not very intresting. Something is ok something not much. It more about trying to draw animation, game is more like reason. It's a bit offtopic but I started new run and in first ufo sebillians used granade. And it use "plasma yellow" effect. And for some reason it like ten times bigger, upscaled. When drone fired it at me it was normal size. I reloaded and take this granade from him and tested other animations by replacing files in "plasma yellow". "Bulletplume" is ten times bigger(looks intresing). And laser impacts. But from rifle it normal size. "plasma blue" is normal size. "plasma granade" is normal size. "plasma red" is double size. But all was drawed drawn in the same document at same resolution and saved with same settings. xml generated by the same thing and I didn't see anithing special in it. don't understand how it work/
  9. I drew some impact effects sprites(particle folder). It not necessary improvement - most of the time it's not. It more me experimenting with animation. Anyway - I just want to share it maybe someone will be intrested. https://mega.nz/#!pFBDSDTL!w6jtXLEvQINhA7xoKunR3eeSwYo8ivoq49QpO6nVuCw I included weapons_gc because I changed some sniper and havy laser to a bit diiferent then small guns animation. For testing and just because. Other then that it the same division file. license is WTFPL
  10. I disabled everything what is not in the op load order and didn't see crashes so far - I think I reached second phase - my squad was wiped on crazy terror and my Huoston base was raided and destroed(rookies and laser defence didn't help) I desabled map packs not from load list (xce extra and tropics) but lore+ is enbaled and it's stable.
  11. I think main map is feels squashed. It represent screen fom X1, I understand. But usually such maps are wider. I think it feels squashed after staring for long at in game geoscape