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  1. On X1 maps, I always found it kind of silly when your soldiers are taking cover behind a scenery tank but the tank isn't doing anything. With the removal of player vehicles in X2, I think it'd be great to have static local forces vehicles on maps. Having the ability to move would be overpowered of course, but it would feel like you're actually cooperating with local ground forces if you could mark targets with a flare and have it lay down some fat explosions within its line of sight. A moment of joy and a small section of the map where you can feel safe during a terror mission, before venturing off and clearing the rest of the map. And if your opponent is something invincible but dumb like an Andron, you could weave it into the strategy to lure them there. Meanwhile smarter aliens know that it's a bad idea to go near the explosive-spewing treaded saucer, or will flank it and fire some plasma at its soft rear and side armour.