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  1. On X1 maps, I always found it kind of silly when your soldiers are taking cover behind a scenery tank but the tank isn't doing anything. With the removal of player vehicles in X2, I think it'd be great to have static local forces vehicles on maps. Having the ability to move would be overpowered of course, but it would feel like you're actually cooperating with local ground forces if you could mark targets with a flare and have it lay down some fat explosions within its line of sight. A moment of joy and a small section of the map where you can feel safe during a terror mission, before venturing off and clearing the rest of the map. And if your opponent is something invincible but dumb like an Andron, you could weave it into the strategy to lure them there. Meanwhile smarter aliens know that it's a bad idea to go near the explosive-spewing treaded saucer, or will flank it and fire some plasma at its soft rear and side armour.
  2. I think we can get flexibility without tetris management. 1. A second primary slot on the back. 2. A optional and limited number of extra "belts" (bandolier, tactical vest, bigger belt etc) BUT, the constrictive nature of these impose stacking multipliers on reaction shots and the cost of certain types of movement, possibly even including turning. So you can carry an assault rifle, a pistol, a bazooka, and tack on 20 slots of grenades but by golly you aren't going to make any reaction shots and merely standing up from a crouch is going to wipe out half of your TU. Basically this becomes a trade-off between having weapon flexibility or spacial flexibility. You can arm yourself to the teeth, but you won't be able to out-manoeuvre and ambush the aliens. Your only feasible options while fully kitted out are taking aimed shots and moving in straight, uninterrupted lines. If you want to make reaction shots, jump over fences, or start in a standing position and then take a crouching aimed shot in the same turn- you gotta travel light. Dumping your second primary shouldn't be too much hassle, but taking off extra belts would really eat into TU to prevent the instant role switching. And 3. A stowage area on the dropship that has a small handful of primary weapons, or ammunition for larger weapons. Hopefully you're geared up for any situation but hey if there's a bunch of buggers holed up, you can send a guy back to the ship and grab some shotguns or extra rockets for the squad.
  3. ScottyWired

    Xenonauts-2: Soldiers

    You didn't seem to mention any carrot after that. Do you mean something like peak performance? I think an excellent use for the stress mechanic would be a soldier being "in the zone", where if the stress level of a soldier is sitting in a certain golden range (not too stressed, but not too calm) they have a boost to their accuracy, bravery, reflexes, and maybe even their XP gain since they're paying more attention. The bravery boost keeps them in the zone fairly well, but if their stress rises too high they lose that bravery boost and become more susceptible to a stress spiral. Medals gained from their combat experiences, especially the purple heart, could expand the range of stress values considered "in the zone" maybe even to the point that they're "in the zone" on the very first turn before they even leave the dropship. Just like every war movie where a new recruit joins the platoon, and his optimism makes him ineffective compared to the veteran soldiers who are constantly on edge.
  4. ScottyWired

    Xenonauts-2: Research Tree

    I love this idea. One of the best economic features added to Hearts of Iron 4 in the 'Death or Dishonour' DLC was the ability to convert old equipment into something new, at a lower cost than it would be to build new ones from scratch. Usually this took the form of A) taking former "Tier 1 all-rounder" equipment and using it as a platform for "Tier 2 specialist" equipment (such as a Panzer III tank which was good at all tasks being transformed into a StuG III assault gun, which was less tactically flexible but more powerful at specific tasks) or B) taking "Tier 2 Mark 1" equipment you made at the start of the game and bringing it up to speed as "Tier 2 Mark 5" that you have now. Illustration