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Found 2 results

  1. Most energy weapons projects look like... advertisement of childish water pistols offered in hypermarkets - they have neat, compact design and streamlined shapes. Based on the appearance, it's hard to guess that they are not the product of several technicians working in a hurry over something they have never done before... Energy weapons in the game usually looks like something that is produced and improved over the years, after thousands of hours of combat experience or... model for collectors What's more - in principle they do not include an active and efficient cooling system, although they produce 1000 times more energy per shot than firearms. But - in my opinion - early laser hand weapon should looks rather like rough & simple hair dryer in 20's of twentieth century. For example:
  2. In vanilla version and most mods using kinetic weapons in the game seems less sophisticated than in old-good Jagged Alliance. Example: JA's firearms can knock down enemies in spectra vests - they stay alive but they are lying on the ground unconscious or knocked out of breath. This applies both to get a direct burst hits from assault rifle into the torso and a close grenade explosion, as well. Ridiculously using laser weapons reminds kinetic ones - they are not accurate (although they are not subject to the rules of ballistics) and even cause recoil (eg. scatter laser). In my opinion, the following assumptions should be made: a/ kinetic weapon should have relative more damage (big holes made by rotating bullets), high mitigation factor (preparation for the shot - mechanic of reloading, using complex optical sights etc. could cost more TUs) low range and accuracy (the result of the gravitational ballistics rules, and recoil recoil occurring in each firearm) but significant abilities of penetration and stun of hit targets. b/ laser weapons should have less damage (thin, highly concentrated beam), low mitigation (easy and instant use of straight aiming ray before shooting) high range and accuracy (no recoil, and no rules of the gravitational ballistics, in addition to the influence of air pollution on the laser beam) but low abilities of penetration (a dispersion of the beam on the armour) and no stun of hit targets.