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10 Good
    the aircraft weapon is upgraded. Condor has up to 4 missiles, and foxtrot has 4. However, after upgrade explosive, the condor has only 2 missiles, and so do foxtrot.
  1. increase Shrike and Valkyrie capacity as well?
  2. Unfortunately the link is not working anymore. can share any mode that has flamethrower?
  3. hi, i have change the line in both original and x:ce researches.xml, but still the marauder can't be research. i even try to replace it with other researches, but still cannot unlock the marauder.
  4. yes. i'd install the latest version of X:CE
  5. but still i cannot research marauder. is there anything i can do?
  6. i had research Alien armor plating and alien reactor. but the marauder cannot be unlocked to research yet. had i miss anything?
  7. soldier is inside the ship and have LOS, but area inside the ship below the upper deck is in black and can't see although. only in ufo cruiser type at the moment. play in v1.59+ce0.34.1 uninstalled and reinstall everything, still the same problem. p/s: resolve by clicking 'roof' button.
  8. is this release going to fix 'black area' inside the alien ship? area inside the ship below the upper deck in black and can't see although soldier have LOS play in v1.59+ce0.34.1 p/s: problem resolve by clicking 'roof' button.
  9. Sorry. I think it happens when I hire 2 soldiers at the same time. Which cheat engine to use for edit the save game soldier portrait?
  10. the hire soldiers have same face as the start game soldier
  11. hi, using Jsleez mod, in game i have TWIN male soldier, and TWIN female soldier. how do i change their portrait?
  12. maybe for the story line we can set up Earth landed on moon and in the process colonize the moon, the alien strikes back. For those have save file, we can start at the 1st game technology and bring over the team. for those who do not have 1st game before, start at laser technology? gameplay can be at moon base, space station, moon colony.
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