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  1. Good evening! I'm working on a new Russian translation, and I have a question - is there a xenonauts.ttf file with cyrillics already integrated? In the xenonauts.mvec there are no several necessary symbols, such as our beloved Ёё, proper m-dash, quotes etc. In xenonauts.ttf supplied with the game, as well as in the file supplied in the "QM/GM word docs" tread, there's no cyrillics at all. I've sent a PM to a333 a couple of weeks ago, but still no answer. I've managed to recreate all other fonts by the manual posted by Chris, but for xenonauts I just don't have a source... So I use a replacement for now, similar-looking, but still different. Probably if I had an already-cyryllized ttf, I'd manage to add the few symbols I need. And the second question - is there an easy way to translate strings melded into exe? I'm not a pro with debuggers and stuff... Thank you in advance!