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  1. Hi all. I was wondering, if there was there any chance to consider implementing (later/ever) the possiblity of side missions during the game. One thing comes to mind is tying already existing mechanics of field operatives tto this. For example we have operatives gathering intel in some countries - what if those operatives get some valuable information about a secret shipment of alien technology being transferred by corrupt government. So, could we have a side mission of ground team intercepting such shipment? I mean, the pool of of ideas for this is endless really. Governments, private companies, agencies, militaries, all playing their own side and thus giving us chance to interact via missions. I am aware that my question is rather vague, but what are the chances of getting this kind of interaction in the future? Any thoughts on that?
  2. Andrew

    Xenonauts 2 Easter Update

    I have left some ideas about introducing more factions into the game in the other thread, so here are some additions to that thought. Once again - about factions I reckon that game would greatly benefit from communication with various factions (by means of RPG communicaton style or whatknot), it could be applied to global scope or to battlefield scope directly. Area of communication - well, like it real life - demands for tech, money (women...or not), high-skilled Xenonaut soldiers, you name it. It's not a new thing - JA 1.13 is the best example, really. It would permit the player no to fel the "emptyness" of the planet when he plays against the aliens, but to have rather populated world where "life goes on". Conflict of interests with other factions, missions issues by other factions (against aliens or yet another faction) for rewards, etc... Any ideas? Any thoughts on that?
  3. Andrew

    Xenonauts 2 - Update

    If it is one of them "wish threads" - then I would like to express my wishes for Xenonauts 2 as well. More factions in the game may be? Hostile, neutral, allied? Government based agencies, alien technology hunting groups, man in black or good old KGB, all of the which looking to get their share in shady waters of alien invasion? Any ideas of that matter?
  4. Hi Kabil I am sorry for stupid question, but how one enables your weaponry mod? To which folder shall I unzip your archive? Thank you!
  5. Andrew

    Andron Capture

    Androns are basically robots, so they cannot be taken alive anyway. Although, I have modified game slightly, so their "corpses" give me little money as scrap metal..
  6. Andrew

    New character "gaming" faces/bodies

    This mod is by far exceeds any wildest expectations of any expected face mod. I am looking forward to see this implemented in the game.