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  1. Thanks for the reply. Guess I will need to restart then.. at least i know now. Anyway, one thing I forgot to mention was about the "<ufo-type> equipement" you get in stores after dismantling a retrieved UFO. What are these for? Are they the only thing you get - I'm not sure. (oh and by the way, equipement should be spelled equipment - just a typo I noticed)
  2. Will a save from 0.96 hotfix 10 be loadable by 0.97 do you think? I started playing your mod over the weekend and am having a ton of fun with it. The only thing I really don't like is having to get so many UFO bits to make earth planes. I'm in third month and have 1 foxtrot & 1 Bomber. Can't make a Corsair because it needs a heavy engine & something else which no UFOs have had yet. The main thing I am impeded by is the torpedo things for the others. I assume that this is to enforce a restriction on the defense fleet for balance, so I understand even if it's irritating to have a load of engineers and nothing I can build with them. I love that Jackal armour is useful, that different aliens resist different damage, I can take more troops, new guns (although tooltips are absent so have to build and try them out to see how good they are), awesome upgraded shields. All round really interesting so far. A few issues: - Laser pistol has snap and normal shots wrong way round (although TUs and Acc go together correctly) - Advanced balistic pistol & shield combo doesn't show shield in GC which is confusing. (it still protects though) - New entries in Xenopedia don't pop up correctly often and to get it to close I have to hunt for the new entry. You probably have them anyway, but in case thought I would try to help.
  3. Okay, thanks. Will the CE ever be available on Linux do you think? And while I am typing, I'd like to thank you for making a fabulous game.
  4. Is 1.5/CE supposed to be availiable on Linux? I have selected experimental in Steam but no matter what I choose in the Betas tab I get 1.09 when I run Xenonauts. I'm trying to install a mod that requires the CE. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. Okay thanks for clarifying. Have to say that is a really impressive list for only a couple of months work! I think that was partly why I was confused - that's some hard work and dedication right there. Kudos.
  6. I did read it, but I am not sure if it details XNT6 changes as well as X-Div changes... it's not clear to me. Sorry for the confusion.
  7. I've played the vanilla 1.5 game though and am now looking for a mod that changes things up a bit for a second playthough. XNT 6 and this look like real good candidates but I'm a bit fuzzy as to what the differences are at this stage considering this is build on it. Especially regarding difficulty and how far in development & balancing this mod is.