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  1. tragikos

    Steam Winter sale?

    So you are saying that every potential buyer on steam should already have checked the kickstarter page or the official page, so that he appreciates the fact he gets a discounted product?
  2. tragikos

    Steam Winter sale?

    Ok thanks for the info. So the raise to 25$ is for Steam too? That would be a first... Haven't seen this happen to any other game. What erutan says below would be the proper action imho. Exactly. This way you know it's discounted for pre-orders. I had no clue that it would go up to 25$ and since I don't think it's mentioned on the store, I bet most Steam users don't. But I didn't even know it was discounted! Thanks for your "kind" approach though...
  3. tragikos

    Steam Winter sale?

    Yes Ashery, I've played original XCOM with the Util. I've also spent many hours on Firaxis' version of XCOM which I enjoyed, especially with the DLCs that came out which made it more "complete". I've also played the whole UFO trilogy (by ALTAR Interactive) which I also enjoyed. I've put some time on Extraterrestrials too but I didn't get to finish it. I've yet to try Xenonauts though and that's bugging me. I'm not willing to pay 20$ though without knowing if I will like the game or not. I appreciate the effort of bringing a polished original xcom edition by the devs, but I don't know them, I can't be sure of their work. I've spent money on pre-orders but only when I was sure of the dev team from previous experience. That's why a demo is needed, or at least another incentive to pre-order the game...
  4. tragikos

    Steam Winter sale?

    Retail price might be 25$ but I doubt if it gets more expensive on steam. Anyway, I had a lust for a good XCOM game and I wanted to try this approach. But I find 17 euros a bit too much for an indie game, which I can't be sure that would fit my taste on XCOM. Since I have no incentive on getting a pre-purchase on it, I'll wait for some reviews when it comes out...
  5. tragikos

    Steam Winter sale?

    Well I didn't expect people in this forum to embrace my opinion since most of you have already bought the game. @StellarRat like I said new games tend to have a discount for pre-purchases even if they don't suck. What I think is that people should have a motivation to pre-purchase a game. Is there a demo anyone can download to try the game or should he just pre-order just for the love he has on XCOM games?
  6. tragikos

    Steam Winter sale?

    If you don't mind I'd like to talk about that matter. I have the game in my Steam Wishlist 6 months now (the day after it was added on Steam) and on the past sales it was the only game in my wishlist (out of ~90) that had no discount at all which was really odd since I don't recall any other game have such a marketing approach on Steam. What usually happens is that games either get a small discount (i.e 10-20%) for pre-purchases or if they don't there are some in-game bonuses added. So since you've chosen none of those, the only reason for someone to pre-purchase your game is the early access. Regarding the being disrespectful to people that already bought it, although I see a slight point there, you have to admit that any sale on a product might be considered equally disrespectful. What makes a sale less disrespectful? The amount of time between initial availability of purchase and the actual sale. My opinion is that 6 months is an adequate amount of time for a game to have a sale without it being considered disrespectful. After all, everyone expects games to get a sale on sales even a slight one.
  7. tragikos

    Firaxis Games' XCOM: Enemy Unknown announced!

    Does this info come from a stats page, or do you have official words on this? It's not that I don't believe you, but I expected a reply by one of the admins for example...
  8. tragikos

    Firaxis Games' XCOM: Enemy Unknown announced!

    Did the news of the Firaxys XCOM game have an impact on Xenonauts pre-orders? I was thinking on pre-ordering, but now I'll just wait and see how things go...
  9. tragikos

    Introduction thread!

    Hello there, I just want to feel the XCOM feeling in better graphics. I keep an eye on this project for a long time now.