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    Unable to launch game

    Since I updated the game on Fri July 5th I have been unable to launch the game. The game goes to the loading screen and then a out 95% crash to desktop. HELP Please
  2. I am trying to get this mod to work. I downloaded the mod and installed patch 3 but my game crashes during tactial combat. Also I have noticed early aliens have no weapons.thoughts as to why my game crashes?????
  3. I also get a game crash when trying to outfit my soldiers with different weapons is this my error or did I not install the mod right
  4. I get a game crash every time I access the soldiers inventory. Is there a fix.it happens if I am over an alien or not.
  5. Did anyone come up with a fix for the Hardin crash????
  6. Game crashes when I try to make hand cannon
  7. Think I found error. I am attacking a alien fort and have encountered several different hardin after killing them I try to loot and see what kind of Hardin they are I go to the backpack icon and the game crashes
  8. I am missing something the xenomorphs don't attack my soldiers in fact none of the xenomorphs do not even the potoreian. is this right? or is there a setting
  9. I played through on easy setting have to admit even at that setting the first few weapons tech are not very good to weak
  10. "I am just that good "no pictures for t4special sniper and t4 pistol. Great mod having lots of fun keep up good work.
  11. think I found a bug? I research particle weapons and can make the pistol but picture does not show up n the weapons tab just like after researching advanced particle weapons the sniper rifle does not show up? is this right?
  12. Is anyone else's getting slow download speed?
  13. Can you find a different download site this mega site I am getting 47kb per second mybe 12 hours to download
  14. Count me in what do you need me to do???
  15. Question finally got to the point were I can produce wave weapons however the game only allows for 3 different types of wave weapons. there is no option for a percision wave weapon although it is pictured and it is in the mod. Is this by designed?