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  1. I've been a supporter for quite awhile now...I played the betas a little, but never really got into the full game until this past week now that it's finally released. I gotta say, I absolutely love it. It's everything that I wanted in the Firaxis. Granted, there are things that still rub me wrong, such as the graphics not being able to rotate the map. But the tension is there. The first game I had an entire sqaud practically wiped out because I clustered at one of the doorways...and got a nade for my troubles. I'm absolutely horrified as I creep down the various tilesets. The aliens are brutal. I absolutely love it. Thanks so much for what truly captures the spirit of the original X-Com, and improves it in so many ways. I look forward to messing with the mods after I beat a round or two! It's so satisfying to see this game come to completion. Bravo!
  2. Although I'm sure it's going to be a top quality game in it's own right...from everything I've read thus far, Firaxis' version of X-Com is way to different for me to be interested in it as a successor to the original. It screams consolization...bleh. Xenonauts has my money already...I'll probably buy both, but in terms of true faithful...It's the winner.
  3. Ahh...kayz, had to search aways back and find the game gift link. Thanks.
  4. Hi Chris, How long does it take for this to propagate? I've completed the transaction but still haven't been able to download through Desura. Thanks.