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  1. Hi There, I have discovered a funny thing; Following mods are active in my game: 1- MP5K gun mod by "JDCollie" 2- Soviet PKM LMG mod by "begginfokillz" 3- Bolt action Rifle mod by "JDCollie" My game is a steam game and they work quite fine along with 49 other mods (I guess, around 40 of them are active) and whenever I try to deactivate -any- single one of these mods, the geoscape in any game becomes unclickable. When I reactivate them problem disappears. It is the same for save games and a new game. In fact in a new game when the game asks for a new base placement, I can click on the text menu and close it but then I cannot click on the geoscape in any way. Even countries are not highlighted when mouse over. Any clues?
  2. Hi, What about steam workshop? any suggestions for steam users?
  3. What about the steam workshop for this mod? It is not present there any suggestions for steam users?
  4. Plasma rifle always seemed collosal and unnecessarily cumbersome to me. I have tweaked it a little bit to show up more of a rifle here is the file: here how it looks like now: weapon plasma.zip weapon plasma.zip
  5. I like both games, the depth of xenonauts is better, but music and pace of xcom is better. So I felt the absence of the xcom music very much in plaing xenonauts so I decided to give it a go. Now, battles are with a better beat and depressing music of xenonauts is gone. here is the link for files: http://www.mediafire.com/download/c93jgbw86s1kvjs/xcommusic.zip
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