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  1. winrar knows about the multi file rar format, so when you point it at the first file it will automatically look for and find the other files (I assume the first file contains information of how many parts the data is split into). Thus, when you unpack the first file, the two others are unpacked as well. Since you're French, and, for some reason, there are French mods in the X:CE package, you haven't tried to enable any of those, have you? This mod does not support the mods not automatically selected on installation, so they will break things in one way or another. The only mods you can enable together with this one apart from the ones selected are the cosmetic ones listed and the ones that are part of this package (like the one disabling the geoscape fighting). Edit: You can't destroy UFOs with ground assaults, only through bombing the sites. You can destroy some useful equipment inside the UFOs, but apart from the damage explosions can cause to your soldiers, enemies, and dropped (enemy) equipment, and the resultant loss of spoils from the assault, the danger lies in the enemies inside the UFO. IF you're trying to use the Fire In the Hole (French) mod your campaign is probably not going to go well, because the UFOs in that mod do not have the equipment the research in this mod relies on, and it doesn't have all the new UFOs this mod contains. There was an attempt to implement a new version of that mod in a fashion compatible with this one. After a shouting match that effort went off into its own thread (which I haven't looked at).
  2. @falco69 Its not your fault you're French, blame your parents I don't think there's anyone left on this thread to provide competent support, unfortunately. - .rar extractors "understand" how to find the other parts when you select to unpack the first one (step 5 in the installation), and I doubt you'd get a .exe file from a failed extraction. I've used 7Zip for that. I assume Ruthless Reuban is correct when using some other extractors. - You won't get any Division weapons until you have researched them. However, the "Division" tab on the equipment screen is present from the start and contains the starting weapons. - The installation instructions have to be followed exactly. There's a reason for step 3.5, for instance. I've just spent 4 or so hours reinstalling from scratch, and don't see any obvious issues. However, the download of at least one of the 3 X-Division 1.00.00 main.partX.rar files was corrupted (I've seen reports in the thread about that happening to other people as well), and rather than spending the time to re-download the one corrupted (after figuring out how to check the checksum), I cheated and used the same files downloaded almost a year ago. For some reason the RSS feed connection thinks the X:CE version installed is an old one, while it still displays 0.35 on the frame of that feed. A switch happened several months ago when I played my campaign, but I never saw any problems with it. After that I installed the 1.00.01 patch, and then the 1.00.10 patch. Starting a new game I verified that the updated Xenopedia entries were there by looking at the Barracks entry, as the mod allows for 50 people rather than the 35 the base game uses. The Asierus craft isn't available without research, so I couldn't see that entry. However, I also loaded the last geoscape save from my campaign, and the Asierus entry looks OK. If you don't install the 1.00.10 patch you'd get the old entry for it, "Description.", if I'm looking at the right file for the old entry (and the old entry for the mini shield seems to be "Description"). The X Division version number is displayed in the text loading the game, as well as in the X-Division logo version number (the last "00" is overwritten by "01" or "10").
  3. I still don't understand what you're talking about. As far as I know (and intended) my comments refer to text in the Xenopedia entries. The texts displayed when selecting what to research comes from somewhere else (I haven't tried to find out, although I don't expect that to be hard to do), and there are some holes there, but not that many. I also haven't blamed anyone of installing anything incorrectly, only claimed that installation didn't work out correctly if things that should be there aren't. The set of reasons for why an installation would fail does of course include user errors, but I can imagine other causes as well, such as e.g. locked files, incompatible write permission, etc. The overriding Xenopedia entry for the alien mini shield should say: " The Alien Mini Shield is a remarkable item, Commander. It acts as our own shields when it comes to protecting from damage, but it is very much lighter, and possesses the ability to fold and unfold automatically to take up only a single slot in the inventory. Its weakness is that it protects only against 60 points of damage, while our own shields protect against 150. Given that the Caesans predominantly use single handed weapons, usage of a shield in the other hand makes a lot of sense. Like our own shields, they protect against damage in a 90 degree arc in front of the wielder, which translates into about 50% chance of intercepting incoming damage from each side. Thus, attacking from a position behind a shield wielding enemy increases the chances of actually causing damage (although the enemy will likely turn to face the attacker should the first attack fail to kill him). Also note that shields provide no protection against melee attacks (and this is valid for both our troops and the enemy), as an attacker can easily aim the strikes around the shield. While we would very much like to be able to use similar techniques to improve our own shields, we would need to be able to shape Alien Alloys first, as well as get access to some kind of armour fabrication technique using these Alloys to start such research. " This entry shows up in my game, at least, although I'm using the file posted earlier in this thread. Restoring the one distributed in the mod shows the same text in the game for me, though (I know from experience that bad XML syntax in the file can cut out all the contents beyond the point in error, with no notification from the game of anything being broken). If the comment instead concerns that the image shown together with the entry isn't to your liking, too bad: I don't think there's anybody available to change it and insert it into the mod.
  4. I don't understand why I'm referenced regarding images. I've done nothing with images and have no art skills whatsoever. I've written/modified Xenopedia entries which were brought into the mod's package by the last, now retired, mod manager, but I have no access to the mod itself.
  5. I can assure you that the research screens SHOULD have entries, but I can not assure you that reinstalling will correct any issues, nor provide any useful help on how to correct them (not because of unwillingness, but because of a lack of knowledge). The research entries should reside in ...\Xenonauts\assets\mods\X-Division Palu's Shining Xenopedia\xenopedia.xml, as that's where Charon placed them, and the corresponding mod should be enabled by the mod launcher, automatically set up by the installation, so there should be no need to change anything. If one part of the installation didn't work out correctly, chances are that others, more important ones, might not be correct either.
  6. Con comments: 1. There shouldn't be any blank researches, unless you're using a version where they weren't all done. It can also be mentioned that researching aliens typically results in a small damage bonus against that general type of alien because of a better understanding of their weaknesses. A number of research topics are stepping stones towards other topics as well. 4. There are a number of enemies that are not flagged as such, which is by design (whether you like it or not is a different matter). They include the "boxes", face huggers, and infected civilians. 5. I frequently had 100% probability for auto resolve with "normal" (i.e. non nerfed) air combat against smaller targets, but the calculations are somewhat odd as there were cases with a 0% probability that were easy to handle manually (just keep out of their sights and shoot up their tail pipes), as well as a few cases with 100% that were impossible to handle manually because you couldn't actually deal the required amount of damage even with a 100% hit rate. I guess it depends on which weapons you use, though. It should also be mentioned that a lot of the larger UFOs required multiple waves of attacks to bring down, and I assume auto resolve would result in a 100% loss of the aircraft, rather than having them deliver their payload and then retreat as can be done manually. 6. I believe the purpose of the disassembly process is to put a strain on your engineering capability so you have to juggle extracting resources against constructing with those resources using limited engineering resources. Also, it adds to your financial pressure as everything costs money.
  7. Oh, it won't crush your progress, it will just make sure the progress isn't worth much
  8. I played it on the "easiest" setting making very liberal use of save scumming and still had a very hard slog... While a Chieftain is a leader, it's one of too low a level to be ranked as Officer. The Officers are tier two leaders, and when you capture one of those you'll get two topics to research: "X Officer Interrogation" and "Alien Officer Interrogation", and you can guess which one is required to fulfill the goal... You're not in a hurry to fulfill the goal, however, as you'll have your hands full researching and producing equipment anyway (as well as to increase your coverage and defeat aliens to increase your funding and get resources to actually manufacture the stuff you desperately need yesterday).
  9. The mod is probably not being updated, as the final final unofficial version was made not long ago. However, the minishield had graphics when I played, so I suspect something hasn't turned out right in your installation anyway.
  10. Not really. Have you verified the file checksums as mentioned in the installation instructions? Also, have you installed X:CE as per its instructions? If I remember correctly, there as a step of starting the game, quitting it, and then starting it again to get things to sort themselves out.
  11. No. You'll have to destroy the body (and handle the consequences of that).
  12. The Enforcer armor was unlocked by modifying the research file as had been described (a long time ago now) to remove the requirement for a Robosadist "corpse", and the armor then became available when I finally fulfilled the (modified) conditions for it. That set of changes was probably the last one done, as all installations of the unofficial version saw the research file backed up before the installation and restored afterwards, to avoid research corruption (as per the installation instructions for an ongoing campaign). By the way, I finally finished the game last night (the month and a half waiting for the Operation Endgame research was rather tedious, but I sped it up by bombing all large craft, ignoring escorted craft, as well as ignoring one terror attack). The final mission took a rather long time to perform (two long days), not the least because the alien turns took many minutes to perform (the time got gradually shorter as the enemies were eliminated). I've attached the current version of xenopedia.xml, which I believe contains a correction of a couple of typing errors pointed out above, as well as a minor adjustment of the Operation Endgame entry. xenopedia.xml
  13. I certainly agree there's a rift between the "highly trained elite" soldier description and the inept noobs that you actually get. However, the gradual drug enhancement model doesn't really make much sense as the maximum stats are the same throughout the game. Augmenting armor can modify the soldier's current level, but that's a different thing that does evolve through the game and is technological in nature. Other similar games do have soldier augmentation, but this one does not, nor is there any progression in the quality of rookies, which you'd expect if you could actually boost them. It doesn't exactly help that the game explicitly describe the recruits as former members of various top level forces, some with prior combat experience, and some without. If dishonorable discharges made up the recruiting pool I'd expect some to be wrecks, but some to be formidable fighters with mental instabilities or perversions (not necessarily sexual, but such as killing for pleasure, enjoying torture [sorry, "enhanced interrogation" is the politically correct euphemism used] etc.), and some who were scapegoats for higher rankings people's mistakes and/or misdeeds, not a bunch of beginners who vary is capability from completely useless to definitely sub standard. If you look at the real world of doping, such as the bicycle doping competitions or professional drug "sports" such as baseball (or, for that matter, state sponsored doping for the glory of the nation), they're not holding back, and drug (ab)use seems to be rampant in some armies at war, but with rather limited improvements of their performance. I very much doubt there'd be any "easing in" on drugs if there would be an existential threat to humanity (on the other hand I don't think the fighting would be left to a more or less secret organization...), in particular if drugs would actually provide significantly improved performance. Thus, it's hard to explain away this design flaw (and it doesn't help that I consider the original X-COM games to be superior to the later takes on the same formula in having larger forces of human expendable soldiers taking on a small number of superior aliens. You needed multiple soldiers to take down each alien, and while losing troops was unfortunate, skill progression was fast enough that it wouldn't be catastrophic, and the rookies were actually useful from the start [they could e.g. be used as expendable scouts as they had enough movement to fulfill such a role, and if they survived they'd progress to the next level of usability]. This made ironman type play much more reasonable for normal players. Soldier equipment was more important than the soldiers themselves).
  14. If you fire a stun gas grenade or rocket (or a smoke grenade) inside a UFO interior doors may open if hit by the "blast", so in a Corvette, trying to stun a bunch of aliens in the middle section may result in the doors to the inner section, where the boss and a horde of his cronies tend to reside, opening the field up for attacks (including nasty grenades) from the innermost section. Similarly, the same kind of "blasts" tend to cause engines and power sources to explode. I don't know how many times I've had doors in carriers open like that when I breach from the side entrances and either try to obscure the line of sight from the aliens or take them out with stun gas. Also doors opened in that fashion tend not to close again, which means you're not only exposed during the aliens turn, but on all subsequent ones as well (until you progress past them). It's natural that using explosives can (and will) destroy interior walls and doors, but a puff of gas shouldn't really be sufficient to push doors open.
  15. @LagannPM Further comments: 1. Beware of the mission ending with one or more of your troops unconscious, as you'll lose whiffle sticks (a.k.a. stun batons) as a minimum. 2. It eventually becomes mandatory, and since changing the loadout takes a long time, you'll more or less have to have it. You can still use the old Foxtrot bomber after UFOs sporting homing missiles show up, but only against those that don't have those weapons. Thus, you may send the more modern craft after the fancier UFOs and the old ones after the ones they can take on (since upgrading takes a long time, so you'll constantly changing out older aircraft for newer ones). 3. I've use one wing of repurposed alien interceptors for smaller UFOs, one wing of human interceptors against alien interceptors, and 3 bombers (typically sent individually) on each base. However, by the time the Asierus becomes almost useless, and a replacement becomes available, the repurposed alien interceptors are probably superior to the human interceptor as it's capable of fulfilling two roles, so if I was to play a new campaign I would replace the Asierus with repurposed alien interceptors rather than the Contrail. 4. Gas works if you apply enough of it (which may be an enormous amount for some aliens). Improved whiffle sticks are fairly reliable against the smaller Xenomorphs, but as Svinedrengen said, priming aliens with damage may be required (in practice) for the tougher ones. I've use a missile as softening up tactics against the biggest Xeno... 7. The only doors I blast are the exterior doors of some UFOs, but for those I use vehicle machineguns early on (requires a fair number of blasts) and minigun blasts from my heavy soldier later, which is essentially what Svinedrengen said. Also note that a nasty side effect of stun grenades and rockets is that they somehow open ordinary doors, so the aliens get a free line of sight at your soldiers (they also trigger very delicate alien equipment to blow up). 10. The aliens that are straight replacements of earlier tier ones unlocks the interrogation research of the replaced unit as well, but that doesn't go for other operators, as mentioned, so you can miss out on some things, although it usually doesn't matter when you get better tech later on. Similarly, some UFOs unlock specific tech.