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  1. Mechanical units that have force shields "die" when the shield is brought down and are "resurrected" as a new unit without the shield. If this was the last enemy standing the mission ends on the first "death", and no wreckage (or weapons!) from it is recovered. That's an artefact from how this functionality is implemented by the mod using the functionality available from the base game (presumably the mission ends when the enemy unit count reaches 0, and doesn't continue further to where it returns back up to 1). There's a similar issue with units that "morph" on "death" (as well as a late game organic unit with a force shield). Thus, you need to keep at least one other unit "alive" until the unit whose wreckage you want to get hold of is defeated the last time.
  2. I've encountered a small number of CTDs, but none that were repeatable.
  3. It's known that "save scumming" during ground combat can result in the game hanging due to a unit never starting/finishing its turn. It's reasonably rare, but extremely annoying when it happens. If you can figure out which unit that's causing it, you might be able to get it to behave differently by playing differently, but sometimes it's not possible. Returning to an earlier save (during the same ground combat) so that unit can be approached differently might work, and reverting to before you went into ground combat will re-roll some RNGs resulting in a different version of the combat, which typically works out better.
  4. The answer is research: Bring items back from missions and research them. Once you've understood enough of the alien tech research to develop your own becomes available. Construction requires not only money, but also alien resources that you recover from missions (and often have to extract from recovered items through disassembly).
  5. The map with missing civilian sprites looks like forest, so it's probably the right one. There's another that basically looks like ice, which works OK. Unfortunately, I know nothing about mod/merging errors.
  6. There is a known bug with civilians in one map type, I think it's tundra (somewhere up North, anyway) where they are invisible (i.e. only shown as shadows). As far as I understand, that's a bug in the vanilla game. To try to fix the prop issue, I'd rename the game folder and reinstall everything from scratch (which takes quite a few of hours, unfortunately). I remember I had a problem at some stage where walls were missing on some maps, and reinstalling from scratch did sort out whatever the problem was.
  7. The differences I can spot between your list and mine are: - X-Division Slower Invasion: It's off for me, but it's an X-Division option, and thus shouldn't cause trouble. - COM - Ambient Sounds. You've got this enabled, while mine is disabled. - COM - Ambient Forest. Ditto. I think the sound ones are listed as OK, and Charon is listed (the last one supporting X-Division, nor retired), but I'd try to disable them anyway to see what happens. I don't think it will help, though.
  8. I didn't have any major issues of that type playing through the mod. There is a small number of maps with some reasonably small invisible props, including some UFO interiors (invisible railings, in the UFOs mainly). I haven't heard of any major issues in that department either, so I'd guess you're probably mainly alone in suffering from that.
  9. I think the mod also includes changes to the (Windows) executable. You'd be better off running it in a Windows emulator (or install it in one and they try [and fail, with a very high probability] to copy files to the corresponding locations). Given how error prone the process is even when the installation instructions are followed to the letter and with the settings set up by the installer, I would be surprised if you managed to pull it off. You're completely on your own, however, as there's nobody left who know much about the installation process.
  10. If I understand it correctly, the weapons_gc.xml file is the one used in ground combat. I don't know what happens if the files are out of sync or how to untangle yourself if you screw up, so if you hack you're on your own.
  11. Force shields act as regular hand held shields in that they have to be destroyed/worn out before any damage gets to the target. However, neither kind of shield have any armor, so all damage dealt goes fully to wear them down. Also note that all kinetic and energy damage (i.e. laser and Division, in your case) that's stopped by armor contributes to wearing that armor down, so by first firing with kinetic weapons and then with lasers the kinetic weapons help the lasers to get through. The androids with force shields are the bosses of the android forces, but you can't capture robotic enemies, so they're useless for fulfilling the goal (and you're not really in a hurry to fulfill it anyway: there's plenty of time). Robo reapers are robotic enemies (and a pain), but get a bit easier to deal with once you figure out how they work. It will probably take some encounters to figure that out, though, and further ones to figure out how to deal with it.
  12. Androns are a pain throughout, and laser tech does only just make it possible to beat them (I've tried an Andron with only Division tech, and it took about 30 bullets all hitting to bring it down). Ammo is always an issue though. Apart from new UFOs and enemies, you'll also get new enemy weapons to research as the new phase rolls in. If you haven't got that, you're still in phase 1. Androns are introduced in phase 1 but usually a little later than the organic enemies.
  13. I used the word "boss" in the sense of someone who's in command because the words "leader" and "officer" are specific levels in the game's terminology, not in the sense of "boss monster". The first level is called "chieftain", and that's the one that doesn't count. You have to go beyond that, to the second one that's actually called "officer". X-Division is LONG. I finished the game in the middle of January, i.e. about 1 ½ years from the start. It may have taken a month or so longer than the minimum because the last critical alien asset just didn't show up for quite some time, but it takes a significant amount of time regardless.
  14. 1. The boss type aliens of the first phase do not qualify as "officers", you need to get the higher ranked ones from the second phase (and above). "The .00 to .01 patch is savegame compatible" + " As a basic rule, never patch during Ground Combat " (copied from the first page of this thread, for your convenience). The 1.00.10 "unofficial", but very last (the last maintainer has retired), patch is compatible with 1.00.01 as well. I'd definitely recommend patching the game to the latest status (and, if you do, be sure to follow the instructions to the letter, as missing a single step can result in all kind of issues). Regardless, the officer issue is not a bug (if I understand your situation correctly), and thus isn't changed between these versions. 2. I think each phase is a bit over 3 months long. Each phase slides into the next to some extent, so you're going to see some new craft, with the smaller replacements appearing earlier than the larger ones and the new ones.
  15. I haven't heard of such a synchronization. I didn't use explosives (due to underwhelming effects when I tried to early on), but neither shields nor medipacks have caused any problems for me. There's a known issue that melee weapons (including stun batons) are lost if they're on the ground when the battle ends (including when a soldier is knocked out, and thus has spilled all the equipment on the ground), but that's unrelated.