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  1. I NEED nice aircraft to be able to take down two terror dreadnoughts in the same wave, and I haven't even been able to try to see if I can do anything about the triple landing ship group;) Aircraft weapon entries: Most entries just use descriptions such as wide and narrow for firing arcs, but a number of them use the same 180 that's stated in the panel of weapon stats. On top of that, I haven't been completely sure a weapon mounted on the "left" side would cover the "right" one, and vise versa. I don't think it's good to give a different firing arc number in the text compared to what's found in the panel, but if it is indeed correct for all cases that 180 means 360, then I can revise entries for such weapons to indicate full coverage. Balance: It's very expensive to send cores and alien weapons from one base to another for processing, while it's comparatively cheap to send the weapon wielders (both the dead and live ones). I think it would be good to lower the costs for the expensive items to allow players to chose their production strategy. Soldier weapons, on the other hand, ought to be still be costly to ship around to make it an offset cost to ship troops and equipment around rather than using multiple teams (which require the manufacture of multiple sets of equipment).
  2. geoscape bug: aircraft stuck in the air and won't move. Usually this bug can be worked around by selecting the craft and give it a new order (and it doesn't run out of fuel even if stuck for days [like the first time, when I found the fighters from the very first invasion wave hadn't landed when the next wave arrived]), but the stuck aircraft in the save was ordered to relocate from "Australasia" to "South Africa", and you can't select relocating craft to give them new orders. I did originally relocate 3 craft, and only one of them got stuck. It can be noted that I have saved and reloaded on the geoscape while the craft were in transit, but I haven't performed a single ground combat mission. I cannot say if I had reloaded when the craft got stuck, though, but I definitely have done so after it got stuck to work around a different bug: relocated aircraft can sometimes take off from the base they were relocated from, rather than their new base (and return to the old base, only to teleport to the hangar of the base they were supposed to be at), and I've found that saving and reloading after landing and before taking off gets the craft to start from the correct base. 3.zip
  3. Updated xenopedia.xml to handle the swing back to Shock (easier in this direction, as the word "slow" is used a lot less than "shock"). I've also modified the Buzzard and Sentinel armor descriptions to handle shield incompatibility and weapon use cost increases, respectively. Dark shield bypassing weapons updated. xenopedia.xml
  4. I believe avoiding frustration caused by being hit by arbitrary game restrictions that cannot be foreseen, because they're there only because of balancing or game engine issues should be chalked up on the positive side. I agree that my own frustration shouldn't shine through in those descriptions, though. There shouldn't (ideally) be gotchas in the equipment your team produces [which doesn't mean you should know the property of equipment that hasn't been designed ahead of time], while the enemy creatures, behavior, property, and equipment are things to be discovered by the player and the player's staff. "Note that armour flight is incompatible with the use of a shield, as holding one blocks the function that activates the flight control." can be sort of believed.
  5. The reason I refer to the flight control scheme is that it is specified to use controls in the gloves, so in my mind it means holding a shield prevents you from using the glove manipulation correctly (using a liberal dose of suspension of disbelief about how you can apparently sling your weapon to release the hands, but not the shield). The reason for the note in the first place is that yes, I was dismayed to find you can't carry a shield while using a suit, and the game didn't tell me that this was buried in the game definition files. It's a typical case of something the techs should tell me, not a gotcha to catch you in the field just because the game developers thought it would be too powerful to use a shield together with flight, but they couldn't figure out a way to disable the shields protection while airborne. Claiming that a shield would make you lopsided while an arbitrarily heavy two handed weapon (and stuff in the backpack) doesn't is definitely gamey in my mind. I can, of course remove the fence part to let the player figure out that flying over a fence means flying with a shield.
  6. I think the sentence is technically correct, but that's little consolation if it's too convoluted to be untangled. I've changed it to: "Note that the flight control scheme is incompatible with the use of a shield, so you will not be able to use the suit to "jump" over fences when carrying a shield (a rather natural desire, as you can't climb over fences wielding a shield)." "Spears": Given the name of these weapons, it's only confusing to call the ammo "rods". Instead, I've made a note in the first one that they're actually rods, and use quotes around "spear" everywhere when it refers to the ammo (as opposed to being part of the weapon name).
  7. Yes, I think we can call it a day on that. Loadout: I've never sent them out with half the capacity intentionally, only when the aircraft returning from the first sortie landed, I changed the loadout (while it should be refueling), and it turned out the second weapon slot wasn't in fact loaded when it was due to be sent out, but I needed to bring that craft down. I then sent the craft home once they'd refueled (I'd shuffled crafts around so the bombers were stationed at the closest base). Once there I reverted to the "standard" loadout without waiting for reloading. However, even craft that were at their home bases were affected, and I believe I've seen it on freshly produced aircraft occasionally when changing from the (very obsolete) default to a desired loadout. However, it doesn't seem to be reproducible in any reliable manner. Assuming it's happened, would you be able to get anything useful out of a save where a craft is claimed to no longer be reloading, but with some of the loadout not actually fitted, or would you need to catch it while still loading (i.e. a save while loading, to be provided once it's been detected it didn't work correctly?
  8. Spear cannon: We mean the same thing here. It's not clear if the 95 + 15 is to be applied before or after the extra APs provided by the armor. Torpedo slots: Well, yes, the new aircraft you can build can carry twice the number of torpedoes, assuming you guessed correctly as to whether you will need countermeasures or not, and assuming you've been able to actually build those aircraft as they require resources that won't be available until the phase (and the first sets of cores are "lost" to disassembly protocol development, so you may not actually get anything until the third wave [+ disassembly time], all this assuming you're able to shoot craft down over land: they have an annoying tendency to head out over the ocean and circle, at least the big ones that provide those resources). Loadout changes seem to be buggy, with many cases resulting in nothing being loaded (during my last wave I changed the loadout from mini-mines + countermeasures to 2 mini-mines on a craft, but when it was reported as fully reamed, it only had 50% (proven to be reported correctly when I deployed the mines against a Terror Dreadnought targeting a city), and I had a number of other cases after the wave where I tried to revert the loadout back to countermeasures + mini-mines and the craft were "fully reamed" at 50% several days later with "intercept" not showing them to be rearming. Replacing both slots, go back to the geospace, and then replace them again with the desired loadout worked for all of them, however. Changing loadout during a wave not only takes a lot of time, but it seems to fail to actually load the replacement fairly frequently as well.
  9. Given that the spear cannons are called "spear" cannons, I haven't wanted to change it, but I could describe it as a bit of a misnomer. I do hold snipers in a high regard, yes, but the reason those are the only one mentioned is because those were the only ones I discovered being affected (it's only when digging deeper (in the files, not the game) I found some cannons were affected as well, and I haven't used cannons at all). I agree there are many aspects of games that should be discovered, but I don't consider analysis of numbers to deduce effects or getting caught by unexpected failures of things to work as expected because you didn't perform the math on everything to be one of them (in particular since you don't even have those numbers available when making a decision to produce the first of a weapon: as you pointed out, the numbers can jump around). In this particular case I believe it is something they would have discovered during production/testing, and thus something that they should be able to inform you of. Batteries: I may well have had Plasma batteries during the previous wave (I don't have any save that go back that far), which would explain it, although it's a bit odd if the progression to a Phase 3 battery is from one Phase 2 technology to the other rather than a Phase 3 one, and batteries isn't exactly something I tend to look at as the change is automatic and not something the player can affect anyway. I believe the first few base assaults resulted in a damage of about 50%, though, but yes, later assaults seem to have dropped to something like 25% on a hit. And you answered the original question: a battery is supposed to deal about 25% damage on a hit with a 50% hit chance (although the one I saw in my small sample was more like 25% or even worse, but that's RNG for you), assuming you've reached a fair bit into the phase so the battery has been updated (I'm at 2 months from the first wave of the current phase, with the wave in question happening just short of a week earlier). The reason the results were so abysmal was essentially that the phase progression has seen a huge jump in ship size. If the first base assault was made with a phase 1 craft pitted against phase 2 defenses it might have resulted in a damage of about 50% though.
  10. I'm not suggesting a technical implementation to describe which weapons can and can not be used with exoskeleton armors. I think a description in the X-pedia entry would be sufficient, and if I've managed to get it right, that should be enough. I don't know what the "alternative word for spear = rod" is intended to refer to. The only thing I can think of are the various spear cannons. If I estimate it correctly, the Sentinel armor cannot be used with any weapon firing mode requiring 90+ % TU, which is found on sniper/precision weapons and a cannon. I can change the wording in the Sentinel to remove the judgement, of course. The Missile Battery question: I'm not sure what additional data you're looking for. A Terror Dreadnought has 43280 HP (I'm not using the mod that reduces the HPs), and air combat gradually increased its damage to 90% as displayed in the air combat view (zooming in the view to show the display). This was done by bombarding it with mini-mines with probably 11 sorties (a small number of mines failed to reach the target, or the damage would have been a 1-3% higher: I've found it takes 13 sorties to take one of these buggers down [unless you have more than one mini-mine launcher, which I didn't have]). Looking at the bases, they're shown to be equipped with a single MAG Battery. As my previous experience of base attacks was that undamaged ships would suffer around 50% damage from the battery, with the damage ranging from lighter to heavier depending on whether it was described as a "hit", I reloaded the nearest save and ran the base assault about a dozen times, and looked at the results described from the landing. When it was described as a miss, the screen showed 8% (which I assume means 92% damage: the screen is rather unclear when it comes to describing whether it's damage or remaining "health"), while on the runs where it was described as a hit the percentage was shown as 1%. This would indicate a 2% damage on a "miss" and a 9% damage on a "hit", which, when extrapolated, would mean you'd need a sea of batteries to bring a Terror Dreadnought down reliably, especially as they seem to "miss" more often than they "hit". On the research front, I've researched almost everything I've been able to research, with phase 3 explosives being researched currently, plus a Caesan phase 3 Bomber Operator caught in the wave after the base assault. Apart from that, I'm missing both Carrier Operators (none have shown up in any crash site), both Base Commanders, and the Sebillian Landing and Outpost Operators (no Sebillian Landing operations have ever shown up). As far as I know, I've shot down and raided every kind of UFO encountered.
  11. Shock guns (and other shock weapons) and whiffle sticks can take xenomorphs down without them exploding (and you can harvest "chitin" from them afterwards). Massive missile overkill can clean out a neighboring room (destroying spoils in the process), allowing you some room to move out of the explosion radiii of the xenomorphs (note that ones exploding have a tendency to destroy the stunned ones). Smoke can make it harder for the enemies that move into the cleared room to hit anything. @Charon Another balance question: Are missile batteries really intended to become essentially useless? I had a terror dreadnought attacking a base when I'd damaged it (the ship, not the base!) to 90%, and the (single) missile battery missed most of the time, resulting in 92% damage (8% left), and managed to hit a couple of times, resulting in 1% left, so the damage seemed to be 2 or 9% depending on whether it hits or misses. This is well into phase 3 where I've researched all Gauss and Pulse weapons to Mk-2 (some/most Gauss to Mk-3), yet the missile system was described as being a Mag one. It can be noted that this happened after Base Upgrade, if that's supposed to have any effect on defenses. Edit: The advice to try which armor/weapon combinations work isn't as useful as one might think, as the decision to produce a weapon and/or an armor has a tendency to be made before at least one of them is available. I didn't produce any minigun before I had a Predator, for instance, as I saw little reason using one together with regular armor both because of the bracing required and because of the weight of the weapon (and ammo). However, I've tried various combinations using the OP ENDGAME save and have drawn the conclusion that the heavy armors (which I have assumed all have the same restrictions, and I've also assumed that the restrictions are per weapon type, so if one rifle doesn't work, none of them do) are limited to heavy/machineguns, cannons, miniguns, and flame throwers. I've updated xenopedia.xml: - Named the new effect "Slowed" - Fixed various typos found - Described that the base upgrade also increases the worker capacity of workshops and labs (I discovered that by accident, more or less) - Modified the Predator, Ripper, and Sentinel armor entries to mention the weapon restrictions. xenopedia.xml
  12. Haven't attacked any mid level bases yet, as I've taken them out before building a base or allowed them to build an outpost and then raid it (and the Sebillians are AWOL: I haven't had a single Sebillian base building mission). However, you can curb reaction fire by not wielding any weapons (or only melee weapons, such as whiffle sticks). Queens can be killed with a massive dose of rockets, for instance.
  13. Hm, then some descriptions probably need to be revised (I need to check. The Sentinel should definitely warn against this gotcha). A sniper rifle is considered a "heavy" weapon, which should mean a suit capable of only using heavy weapons should be able to use one (while it still makes sense that clumsy gauntlets wouldn't be suitable for precision weapons in the real world). If it means standard armor for the sniper, it's a good thing I haven't produced that many Sentinels before I got to use them (as well as before I tried to attack a base).
  14. No, I'm not "forgetting": that's what "sniper shot" was intended to mean, together with the quotes around "can't be used". Looks like it's time to go in the complete opposite direction and use a Ripper armor on the snipers (assuming I can meet the rather hefty resource requirements).