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    From the small amount of playing, I'd say that if you liked the lore and art of X1, you won't be disappointed with X2. I would also love to see JA2 style things in ground combat, but without any developing experience with xenonauts, I'd say that many things like idle animations in JA2 combat are impossible to do in Xenonauts without huge rewrite. But maybe something can be done e.g with mods later. Some of the things I would like to see are: - Prone stance and crawling - Alien bleeding and panicking (maybe this is already done?) - Blood trails and foot steps so that you could see where alien went hiding - Aliens hearing shots and reacting to them more or less intelligently - Hit locations with more or less damage according to location and possibly with additional effects like blindness, halved movement rate, reduced accuracy or throwing distance, etc And then there is one big thing, more like wishful thinking, that would make juggling with soldiers more interesting, and that is soldier relations between each other. It didn't need to be as deep as the relations are in JA2, it could be something simple instead, like that soldiers that have gone through several missions together in the past would e.g get bravery or reaction boost during missions. On the flip side they could panic easier if their long time buddy dies. One thing I know is coming, is different head gear. There is already re-breather for smoky situations and tactical visor that gives some bonuses for the wearer. In same way something like night vision could be implemented, if not in the game itself, then with a mod.
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    I am with you: I never remember nor care about the names or faces of the various grunts Played the Firaxis remakes yes, but they were far from the feeling of the original, more like playing with super-hero action figures 8 soldiers are acceptable in the very first missions for recon but generally I enjoy missions with a minimum of 12 soldiers so can actually have 3 fireteams to conduct some base manuevers with. Like to have combat line being able ot execute pincer maneuver and loosing soldeirs left and right while doing so to underline the superiority of the enemy forces both physically mentally and technologically Dont enjoy reversing this mechanic where a couple of superhuman soldiers take down hordes of enemies with inferior weapons, less tension in it for me My concern is not evne to how much the squad size alligns to reality: having a small or a large squad count in the game fundamentally changes the theme and balance: are we fighting a superior force with everything we got or are we murdering them in strowes with a handfull of larger then life heros withouth loosing a single soldier? The original game I would argue was the former and no-one seems to be trying to recapture that concept.