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  1. Hmm looks like I found a bug in the next version of X:CE... something about aliens having better accuracy when shooting förbannade danskar. Well that's no big deal, can't be bothered fixing.
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  2. I may have said in the past that a full X-Div playthrough would be somewhat time-consuming
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  3. You sure it is a bug? because to me it sounds great and realistic too, it is the only way svedish(Svæklinge) can beat danish person, by cheating.
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  4. No you are misinformed my brother, it is everyone else that dos not master the fine arts of comprehending the danish language, især svenskere! But what we all do know is that svedish men are feminin and sound like girls.
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  5. We all know danskjävlar cannot write their own language properly!
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