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Thread: [v13.01] Ground Combat. C4 triggers reaction fire: freezes game

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    [v13.01] Ground Combat. C4 triggers reaction fire: freezes game

    Bug: C4 triggers reaction fire, which freezes the game (intermittent bug)

    Conditions on discovery: Daytime mission, Scout crashland, Industrial map, Sebillians, All soliders equipped with jackal armour and C4 only

    Details: While trying out C4, in the alien turn, a sebillian shot at one of my soliders, who had C4 in his hand. The "reaction fire" message appeared on the screen, music continued to play, I could scroll around the screen. I left the game running for 10 minutes to see if it would clear up. It didn't

    Steps to reproduce: 1) Equip all soliders with C4 and nothing else. 2) Go to a crashsite. 3) Ensure all soliders are equipped with C4 in primary weapon slot all the time. 5) Find an alien, allow alien to shoot at soliders. 6) Wait for one solider to reaction fire to alien shooting.

    EDIT: I'm pretty sure this is due to a weapon that cannot reaction fire trying to reaction fire. You're going to have to set weapons with a "no reaction" tag, or refuse to do the reaction test if there's no reaction fire modifier tag.
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