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Thread: [9.31 - geoscape] mig financing

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    [9.31 - geoscape] mig financing

    The workshop screen days that a mig costs $250,000, but if I have exactly that much, and try to build one, then when I return to the geoscape I immediately get a message that my mig production is delayed for financial reasons.

    Then, when I make more money, it goes ahead. I am not sure how much money it took.

    I think I built a second base with a radar, store room, living quarters and hangar, which left me with exactly $250,000. That's if you want to try and recreate this bug. The two bases were in europe and north america, if that affects the cost.
    Edit: I probably built an additional hangar at my europe base too, to house the mig.

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    Whenever I try to produce a Mig in my current game my cash goes down to $12,375 regardless of how much I had to start with, and I get the message that production has been 'paused due to financial issues.' Hit 'M' several times to give myself a few million more, get the same message again and my cash goes back down to that same amount. Rather funny- just for kicks I gave myself $50M then watched the numbers suddenly plunge back to $12,375. Also on 9.31
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    I got the same bug- but only when I hadn't put any technicians towards building the MIG, with it otherwise working fine. Why didn't I have any technicians making it? Because of a bug where after making a MIG the workshop space and technicians used are permanently unavailable.

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