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    Born 1986 on the east coast of Scotland. Moved to Glasgow, Scotland to Study Electronic and Electrical Engineering at Strathclyde University. Was in the TA for 2.5 years and had an RAF bursary for a further two years. Decided not to join the military and also turned a job down with BP to do research in wind energy (and have more time on my hands). Run a company and a charity with my partner in my spare time. Plan to move abroad as soon as!
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  1. Might have just been me but you might want to verify the file you have on download. (either that or my download corrupted) The weapons.xml file was empty apart from the two items you have added in... So yeah no weapons on the soldiers and CTD.. Thanks Mike
  2. I'd like to see the edge of vision tapered off much more gradually so that Aliens at the edge of your sight are only just noticeable. Like in the original Xcom sometimes you could only really make out a shape or shadow and you would be straining to work out if it was a Sectoid or Chrysalid. Would it be possible to play around with a filter and make the battlescapes appear overcast (instead of sunny like present)?
  3. Would love an oppressive Battlescape mod. Its just not tense enough (unless at night) because everything is so bright
  4. Ah ha, as I suspected! I am on 1.04 just now so that explains it. Darn, all those deaths for nothing
  5. Ok firstly, I understand that Caesan are supposed to be weaker, but more accurate than Seb's but I can't help but feel cheated every time I play against them. Normally I would pass off single shots from a Cas at around 15 tiles range that hit the mark as fair. However, I am repeatedly being hit by Caesan burst fire at this range with every single shot hitting. I don't mean its happening every time, but by golly it feels like it. At anything more than about 3 tiles range and without any obstacles in the way my Commander/Majors accuracy is in the 30% region. Put in any form of object, be it a broken window or partial cover and these percentages even at three tiles can be like 12% for an experienced soldier and as low as 4% for a Rookie. I keep seeing a Caesan burst fire me from well outside my vision (I know they have extra vision on me so that's fine). What isn't fine is when they almost always get me with every single shot from that burst, even when its through cover. I am losing soldiers like flies, even when they are in cover and wearing Wolf armour simply because the Cas are able to take 4 shots per turn with the vast majority of them hitting whereas I have to gang up about 4 or 5 to 1 just to get enough shots on target that hit. Maybe this is coming across as a moan but I am just concerned that this isn't supposed to be the correct behaviour and that there is something up with the way Alien AI calculate burst accuracy. Has anyone else found this to be the case? Or perhaps it is a case that the Aliens have a full map of all the spaces and their chances to hit (on a burst) so that they are able to always select the space that maximizes this (and hence why it happens so often)? A few points before the inevitable "here are some tips" 1) I am well versed in how to exploit cover 2) I am well versed in using smoke cover, though I admit I don't expect to have to use it on a solider who is in partial cover and not in LOS of an alien. 3) I always try to move to avoid shooting through or over cover to maximize chances to hit.
  6. OOh, like an option in the menu to have random starting funding?
  7. Would love (and pay) to see Forest Maps. Would love to have the time to get into mapping and help out but business doesn't run itself unfortunately
  8. I think what he's trying to say is; The aircraft is only lost once you reach 0% fuel in combat AND your plane has not left the combat area. HOWEVER The aircraft does not always take the quickest route to the edge of the battle area and has made its calculation based on that in-optimum trajectory. If you say "no" and then (fire a missile say) then go to the nearest exit as determined by you. Providing you reach the end of the combat zone before hitting 0% you shouldn't lose the aircraft.
  9. Anecdotal evidence but; On my play-through of 1.02 I am experiencing plenty of aggressive AI inside the UFO. Examples; 1. Casean is hemmed into pilots room (in corvette). He has two guys to his front, both with shields though they are behind cover. On my turn I open up door behind him and spray him with rifle (miss and don't kill). Close the door and run back a few steps. On the AI turn, instead of shooting at shield guys (and risking reaction fire), he turns round. Opens up door, walks through and kills my rifleman. 2. Lining up behind the three doors in the corvette. Sebillian officer opens up door, launches a grenade right into them and kills two out-right. On the same turn, Sebillian opens up side door and shoots at another and kills him. Interestingly though the Seb from the side ignored a guy in the same room and shot at someone through the side door (but in the corridor).
  10. I'd say that's the main issue at present. I definitely think that events/missions should take at-least a token amount of time (say 1 hour) and that the UFO AI needs to make a decision either to try and outrun an interception, or carry out a mission and risk almost certain interception. I don't know if that is possible within the confines of the game however. I'd be happy if the funding increase from performing missions and shoot-downs was increased to compensate for the nations leaving. As it is I have played a near perfect game so far and my expenditure is pretty much the same as my income by November with missions only really covering the cost of replacing lost equipment and just keeping up with the Aliens tech. I certainly can't afford a third base!
  11. That's not true. You lose Laser weapons when your soldiers die. At-least that happens to me anyway! (It might be a bug). I can also attest that even without losing a single air battle I simply don't have enough alloys to make any armour by mid November.
  12. Based on the only areas where I have zero points (and where the group average is 0) I think it must be "Points for Reputation".
  13. Ok, its really hard to get to this page (I even struggled to navigate back to it) so here's the link instead:
  14. I lost 3 soldiers in one mission and two of them came back from the dead. Ok, Ok, let me put this out there. It my experience you lose laser weapons when your guys die... When you guy comes back to life, does he get that laser weapon back? Or is he suddenly weaponless and how does the equipment screen manage that?
  15. The real trick would be to come up with the final command structure for the forums!