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I have several games on my laptop and they all work seamless "except" this one. I have played the game almost to the end twice now and each and every time it robs you of progressing further by crashing and corrupting the save game files.

The game reduces the number of save files as you play and save in a given scenario. I gather this is to make the game more challenging? What is does instead is reduce fault tolerance so you are left with one save file. The game then crashes, corrupts the save file and refuses to let you reload that file so you are back to the start of the game.

Biggest problem is, I suspect, poor support for different sound drivers as it almost always locks on a machine gun sound and then crashes. I have a pretty garden house but high end HP Envy laptop, nothing exotic.

All in all I GIVE UP. For a game to be this buggy this late in its production is pretty poor. I have better things to do with my time.

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Did you have a AMD processor on your laptop?

In particular HP Envy 6-1014?

Try update your APG drivers completely, I recommend you to use Device Doctor or look in AMD Website for the auto detector.

Note: I have the same issues with a laptop, I update the system completely, reinstall steam and xenonauts and everything is fine.

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