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Hello, I'm new to the forum and I've searched thoroughly but couldn't find this bug reported.

Version: v20 Hotfix

Place: Crash site near Warsaw

Map: Industrial at night

Team: Six soldiers in Jackal Armor (manufacturing laser weapons, but not yet in the team), 1 Hunter with Machine Guns

AI characters: I found one Caesan and saw at least one policeman.

Bug: When I hit End Turn, the Hidden Turn screen goes up and nothing moves. Even if I'm on sight of the enemy or the civilians, the Hidden Turn screen doesn't flicker. I saw there are issues with extremely long AI turns so I let it on, wen to the supermarket and back (over 1 hour) and still nothing, so I guess it's frozen. It doesn't matter what I do, I tried loading and hitting End Turn without moving and it still freezes. Went on sight of the enemy I can reach without shooting, shot it, nothing works.

I have the savegame for this mission in case you can run it and see what's broken. If there's any tool that can allow me to run the game and see the AI process I could do that, but I think one of the game programmers would be better (of course).

I haven't found a workaround in the thread for it, but if someone knows of one, let me know. For now, I'll just save it in case you can use it to find a problem and Abort Mission.

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if you have a savegame upload it to your favourite fileshare site like dropbox or media fire and poist the link. DThe devs allways like to take a look if they can repeat the problem :)

Are you playing on Steam? if so have you tried to verify your game integrety?

(rightclick game in library, select properties, press the local file tabs and the bottom button)

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I hadn't thought of validating the cache files, thank you, I'm doing right now.

The link for the file is:


Also, I'm in my first base defense. Do Alien Turns take forever? I'm thinking the answer is probably yes, but you know, turns were long in the beginning of alien base attacks, but tended to shorten once they were going down, of course. How many aliens will typically attack the base (I'm on normal, just tasting the game), and how does that affect the turns length? I'm thinking if this is a freezing issue also...

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