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Xenonauts Declassified! My youtube FullHD serie.

Do you have any opinions about editing style of this serie?  

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  1. 1. Do you have any opinions about editing style of this serie?

    • It's all good. Keep it coming!
    • Show every move! (speed up boring parts, normal speed for deaths)
    • Show only normal speed gameplay (edit intresting parts only)
    • More tips, tricks and tactics.
    • No narration please. But all editing styles is ok.
    • I don't like the music, play only game music.
    • I don't like this, so I just don't care.

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Hi everybody!

I am Tasku and I play Xenonauts!

Everything don't always go as planned in my games.

The citizens of Christchurch in New Zealand would have a thing or two

to say about my xenonauts project..

..Wait they got nuked, so nevermind they won't say anything. (Sorry, I tried my best!)

I decided to post some of my late gameplay on youtube and I would like some feedback.

Especially I would like to know what kind of video content would you like to see next.

In my next video I plan to go blow up alien large base, the fast way.

Here is link to my youtube playlist where you can find all my videos:

And here is video to my latest episode:


My current videos show my lategame base setups, aircrafts, ufo takedowns and squad tactics.

I think soon I will change to v20 (current gameplay of v19 stable)

In my videos I have some sweet tunes too.

They were created by "John Ruok" and I bet you will like the music part too.

Here is link to his game dev site along with his music.


You can find him from twitter @Sweeppah

and me @Tascruel


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Here is my latest episode of taking down a large alien base. (8m29s)


Commando style action here, as my squad attacks the alien power core.

Hope you like the video!

And please let me know what you think about the episode.

Edited by Tascruel
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I added new poll. I hope you take time to vote. Thanks!

In addition new episode is available.

In this episode I go test out my new Valkyrie dropship.

Already in the first turn my soldiers are under fire... Go see the episode yourself:


Other news, I plan to replace the San Jose mission somepoint. (Episode1, part 1 and 2)

This was my first test video and the audio recording settings was not set to perfection..

Anyway, I hope to get some feedback.

Have fun playing!

Edited by Tascruel
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A new episode 6, part 1/2 is now available!

Over 300 views and these have been out there only week. (Woah!)

Thank you for watching the videos!

These two parts of episode 6, show air combat, tactics, tips and I added some radio conversations to replay the events.

I did enjoy making this episode, hope you like it too!


After I get part 2 out of my video editor, I believe I will try to make episode about using a mod in the game.

Stay tuned if you like the series.

BTW, if there is someone who has better english than I, I could totally consider using your voice in part 2 of the radio conversations.

(don't worry I was considering editing your voice)

Anyway, I am commander Tasku, over and out!

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Good news everybody!

The episode 6 part 2/2 is out there!

I had fun making this video, and personally I think it is da bomb!

Here is the link:


In another news, episode 7.. well Sweeppah is making me a new song!

He already gave me something to listen and I gotta say,

I am exited to get my hands on the next episode just because of the sweet tunes .!.


(Link to preview will be taken down in day or two.)

Now that I can clear my hard drive of the episode 6 material,

I can finally start working on the episode 7!

I have already recorded some for it..

So episode 7 will be about a mod for the xenonauts.

Feel free to send playlist links to your friends.

Also liking the videos will help others find it.

I am Tasku, and I am so off to zZz...

See ya!

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Hello everybody.

I have decided to end the Xenonauts declassified playlist.

It currently has 8 videos and 6 Episodes. (2 episodes was diveded to part 1 and 2)

These videos captured my gameplay with normal difficulty.

I wanted to show some end content of my gameplay because I personally did not found much of it available.

Serie was focused more on tips and tricks but also I wanted to show how I played the game.

..But good news everybody:

I will however start new playlist called Xenonauts Lore+.

This LP will show me starting up with new game (veteran)

and I will play modded game that will show some fan made fiction.

There will not be any alterations to game other than having slightly more finished feeling of the game.

Big thanks to everyone for watching!

... But I can consider ofcource to show more end content if there are any request for some specific content. Just let me know and I can take a look.

-Commander Tasku

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I watched some of your video on aerial battles. Haven't had a chance to try out new strategies yet, but I'm sure it will be a great help to me. Once the game is released, I think your videos will be very popular, but you should break them (or at least the air battles ones) up into smaller parts, one per battle type. Also, since you include very little text, it might be an idea to use call-outs (like yellow circles) to show what you're clicking in the interface when you're changing the throttle or launching missiles.

Thanks for your hard work!

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Thank you screeg for the feedback.

Your ideas are pretty good!

I wanted to do the aerial fighting 'cinematic'.

That is why you don't even see my cursor in the videos.

I could do more detailed air combat video, where you can see better what I do step by step.

But I have to say, I personally enjoyed discovering everything myself.

I have been carefull not to reveal everything immediately.

Currently I am working of revealing some ground combat tactics I personally use, in more detail.

I plan to start the video by warning that it is a spoiler and might ruin some of the fun of finding things out yourself.

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