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lemmbase - lemm's Alien Base Layouts

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Note: maps are now playable but some of the teleporters won't work. I'm not sure if this is a "bug" (in which case I won't have to modify my maps) or if teleporters are working fine (in which case I will have to make adjustment. Regardless, you should still be able to complete the levels. Just posting stuff here for interest's sake. I plan to make at least half a dozen of each type of map, and a few extra submaps as well.

Current version: 2013-09-09

Current map count: 18 (2 complete sets. A set is one map of each size for each alien species).



This is a level pack containing several map layouts and many submaps. Most of the submaps are just variants on the existing game content. None of these maps have been tested yet, and many are still "empty," so they aren't quite playable yet. (I'll remedy this shortly.)

Design principle.

Alien base missions are unique because they can be completed by blowing up the power core and leaving, or by killing everything that moves. They're also the only tileset with extensive corridors and the potential for creative teleporter use. Many of my maps are designed as "courses," designed to force the player through several stages before he reaches the command room. Inspired by the Xenopedia entry on base analysis, the power core is usually easier to reach, only requiring the player to go through one or two rooms (if he uses the vents properly).

Cool things you can do with alien bases.

  1. Use ventilation ducts and locked doors to flank aliens
  2. Use random submaps to block off certain corridors, thus enhancing replay value
  3. Use teleporter tiles to make one corridor pass "over" another, similar to how elevators worked in XCOM1
  4. Use locked doors to separate the base into "sectors," for aliens will not shoot through locked doors to come after you.

Level styles

Small bases: Staffed by corvette-tier aliens, the player must make his way through 75-100% of the base to reach the command room. The power core is located near the command room, so destroying it and leaving is a worse option than simply killing everything inside. The level is a slog-fest with few corridors.

Large bases: Staffed by battleship-tier aliens, many of them elites, these labyrinthine maps are difficult to complete in their entirety, at least in the midgame when they appear. To reach the command-room, the player must make it through several rooms, each with 2-4 aliens. The power core, however, can usually be reached by sending one "commando" to sneak through the ventilation ducts. While he may pass through a room with aliens in it, the main force can draw their attention by firing from the opposite side of the room.

Medium bases: Staffed by landingship-tier aliens, these levels offer an easier route to the powercore, but the level itself is smaller and less catacombic than the large bases.

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Bump: I finished the first two sets of bases (a set being one base of each size for each race of aliens, which totals to nine maps).

Some submap variations that I made:

Alien Storage Room (11x11)


Alien Workshop SE (11x22)


Alien Laboratory SE (11x22)


Some Teleporter Corridors:


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Small update: one new base layout for all small bases, and a new submap: Sebillian 22x11 room.




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