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Base invasion....do they actually invade?

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I also have som issue during a base attack:

1) When I camp outside my HQ I would imagine that I would get an advantage from both the iron doors and the sand bags setup to protect my solider. However, I get no advantage whatsoever.

- My soldiers gets no extra time to act/react when the aliens go through the door. They just run inside (and sometimes out again!) without anyone doing anything. It should really be setup so that when there are aliens breaching a heavy door, my soldiers would be given time to do something, otherwise, whats the point?

- Its actually seems like an disadvantage to stay behind the sand bags. The aliens just opens the door and blasts the soliders behind the sand bags like both the door and the sand bags didnt matter. That is ridicilous. I actually get the disadvantage from using the base's protection systems.

2) As some have pointed out, what are the alien really doing? They dont seem to eager to come at the HQ. Instead, I have to go find them (and incurring heavy losses).

Hope all these things will get fixed to the final version :)

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