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[v19RC3 - Manufacturing] - Assigning single tech bleeds cash.

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When creating a manufacturing job for vehicles or aircraft a state can be created that will continually empty your wallet and cause the job to not start.

To reproduce:

1) Start the manufacture of a Hunter Scout Car, Foxtrot, or Corsair. (may work with other vehicles, unknown.)

2) Assign only one or two technicians to the new job.

3) Exit to the Geoscape

4) Watch in horror as your wallet empties and the job does not start.

Manufacturing does not start, but will continue to bleed your wallet dry every time your wallet has enough cash to try to start building the vehicle.

This does not appear to impact items such as laser/plasma weapons, armor. etc. Only equipment that requires hanger/garage space.

Note: You CAN assign three or more techs to get the job started, exit to the Geoscape, and then reduce the job to one or two techs, and the job will proceed normally.

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