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Easy way to send aircrafts to an area

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Currently, I know only one way to send aircrafts to an area. That is to order them to go after another target (therefore the target has to be present, like alien base you haven't destroyed yet) and when they are in the air, manualy alter their destination. That solution is clumsy at best.

In addition, what could be concidered a bug is that you can't send your fighters exactly where some alien manifestation occurs (abductions, naval ship bombarded, UFO sighted, etc) - you have to click with the altered destination nearby, or it won't work.

Probably the easiest way to do it is using RMB which ATM doesn't do anything else then LMB.

RMB -> select aircrafts to patrol this location. Easy, fast, minimal imput from players side.

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Yes, I was looking for that one too, but I found it almost by accident. Should have realized send interceptors will be similar. All in all, this topic is useless, I would still like to have some use for RMB, but there is no missing missing send interceptors button.

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