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personal impressions from v 19.6

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hi guys

i have played until november with the current vs 19 .6 this is some my impressions (only personal)

1) accuracy increase seems to me more credible and give some salt to the missions, i like it now a player is more careful with covers and tactics, not a pure hack'n slash assault with granades and missile as primary weapons to mitigate the terrible accuracy of the troopers..good

2)the money..much better! a bit stripped but better than the past economic atrocities..now i can build and manage a less rusty war machine :) the only lack is with the maintenance..still a bit expensive..eat about an half of my earnings..

3)political impact is still hard..at the end of the first 2 months some nations have cutted the founding in a too harsh way..and the superpower of the age pays like all other "minor power" such as Africa and Europe..a bit more would be more realistic.. still not to bad however...

4)the heavy fighter patrol/escort and the air fight in general is my real and main source of frustration and problems..i like the randomness of ships(seeing small and very small for all the times not joust in the first encounters)but the escorted ships is a enormous problem to me..the only medium ship i've seen were all escorted..and almost unstoppable for me..i've never seen even a small scout without an escort!! the game would be more funny and less frustrating if at least half of the ships were unescorted..( I'm a little tired of having my ass regularly bloody kicked by alien escorts :)and a little reward to shooting down fighters would be well accepted..if no money but(and better)political value..

5)i can't nominate some bugs...(like attacks to xeno bases that freese all)

at the end this version like me much..

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