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Simple Fix For The Currently OP Rocket Launchers.

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Like the title implies, Here's a very easy fix that will take you all but 5 minutes to help balance out the troop carried Rocket Launcher.

Simply make rockets weigh 5.

Now you COULD by all means just load up all your troops with an extra rocket and drop them in the field for your launcher guy to use but that takes time and patience. And besides, patience and intuition should be rewarded in the field yes?

I did this small change to my game a few patches ago and it feels about right. You'll have to make your shots count. Your rookie soldiers may even have to do some runs carrying too much weight to build up some strength before even bothering with the launcher.

Although, you may want to increase effective range on it because armor is no longer an option. Well, at least until your soldiers are quite strong.

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