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You know the more I think about my playthroughs and the more I think about beginning aircraft...

Why do we buy condors, but build foxtrots?

Later planes we build makes complete sense. But Why not treat Foxtrots like Condors and buy them.

This would free up early to early mid manufacturing for actually making armor and weapons for our soldiers and planes. Granted with the new recoverable interceptors might make it less needed. But I still think the idea has some merits.

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it will be good plan to build condors, since game lore clearly states that xenonaut aircraft improved to resists allien weapons.

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Both aircraft were available to purchase from the beginning at one point.

The Mig was changed to be a research and manufacturing project as it was felt there was not enough to do at the start of the game.

If the mig remains useful (or essential) throughout the game though then how would setting it back to purchase only affect the balance?

If it is a mainstay of your fleet then it should probably have more of a cost attached to it than just clicking to acquire one.

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