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Weapon Range and Accuracy Stat Suggestion.

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You guys may already have this in mind for future changes but just in case you don't....,

The "Accuracy" stat in the weapon descriptions aren't needed. They are just redundant, more work for you when you change weapon stats, and I'm sure confusing for many players unless they've all modded the game and understand how soldier and weapon accuracy work together.

To make things all-round easier, the only stat really needing a value shown for weapon accuracy and range is one that will differentiate weapon damage/accuracy drop-off ranges between the weapons themselves. I'd suggest an "Optimal Range" stat. Just change "range" to "Optimal Range" and delete the "Accuracy" stats all together in the weapon descriptions. Optimal range would essentially be "props range" in the weapon xml. That and the soldier's accuracy is all players need to know in relation to accuracy and range on weapons.

Another nice thing is that you'll never need to touch the accuracy numbers in weapon xml's again(accept for fine-tuning if needed). Just like you have it now, you could just leave them all the same and only adjust ranges seeing as how it would help in keeping weapon balance in check too.

If you all had this in mind already then just ignore this post. If not, then I hope it helps.

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