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Variety of ships

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Currently I have to fight battleships, interceptors, carriers and cruisers. In December 1980 and still hanging in there.

But. I'm pretty damn sure I've missed a load of research; sacked scientists ages ago cause they did nowt and didn't get the chance to capture a strikecruiser/dropship/bomber/any other UFO I've missed.

I'd like these to reappear because:

1/ they should and even without the bug on battleships a bit of variety a la the last game would be fun;

2/ presumably it helps with much needed and otherwise inaccessible research;

3/ It helps to train troops; privates relative to colonels is an enormous leap.

Otherwise there is (a presumably known CTD) small problem in that the valkyrie can't visit terror sites. On that point, the being able to position your troops is pretty crap, tbh, as you invariably put them in naff positions/you don't get the chance for a quick heal of troops before action/effectively it gives the enemy the jump on you rather than t'other way round.

Anyway, back off to save Tel Aviv.

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