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Air Combat in v19-2 Question

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How do I do it? (lol)

I cant seem to figure out how to fire missiles and cannons?

I can click on the weapon and it turns red, right and left clicking doesnt seem to do anything...

The keyboard setup shows pressing 1-5 as firing a locked missile.

I dont see any missile locks? And pressing 1-5 doesnt do anything.

It is probably something stupid obvious but I havent fired off the first shot yet 8-/

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Clicking a missile or cannon and making it red means it will not fire until you click on the icon again...

As I heard air combat is a little bit tricky in v19.2 in the sense that UFO's are extremely hard to shoot down.They are ace in avoinding missiles from far away.So you do need to lock the missiles until you get into range(closer) then release them.

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it's changes a bit in 19.2

Let's take a Fighter as an example. I've launched a Foxtrot at it, with 2 Alenium torpedoes.

When they engage, I set one of the missiles to Red and the Second click until Green. For this one, I put on the afterburner, but not really necessary.

The missile that's coloured green won't fire until it hits it's range against the Fighter. It will launch automatically.

The sneaky fighter will roll to avoid your first missile. So, wait a second or so and press the red missile to green and then click again to Launch it. It flies after the rolling fighter and takes it out as it can't roll again.

Your ability to fire should also be affected if you have rolled, in a Condor or other craft.

The autocannon should also be clicked to green. The ranges seem to have changed a bit in this build, as I use them less than I used to. So, you have to get up pretty close to see them in action.

Hope that helped.

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Its working now, I restarted the game a few times.

I dont know what it was but I lost 4-5 planes without them firering off a shot, and I understand the red/green weapon fire away / hold fire.

They would just be playing chicken with the UFO and I would fly right through them doing nothing with all weapons green. Must have just been some goofy bug I guess?

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