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V18 stable first 3months..some fellings

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I have played for 3 months until dec 79(veteran difficulty) and i have some impressions to expose..

1)pistols?pointless?why can i use a pistol when additional clips(for a standard weapon)weight less?and in undoubtedly more useful?

2)cash..for me the cash earned from the nation's founding is really too low..damn i have shooted down 10's of ufo's and build 2 bases(USSR,USA)and almost all have cutted down the foundings.. at the first of the month,after paid the unkeep and maintenance i have only 52k...and retake the nations after leaves the contribute to the fight with a mission specified or something like..

3)the flashbang granades can confuse the enemy or drop their weapons force to retrat or consume their TU's?i find that quite useless at the time..

4)smoke granades more effective because for now the chilling precision of the aliens is quite frustrating..

5)implement from the beginnings soviet weapons without moddings for increased deepness of the game?

6)can exist flamethrowers?it would be great in assaulting ufo's and in close combat fights like the farm roads and buildings

7)armoured cars for me is only a better target for the alien's heavy plasma..if special abilities like throwing smoke or flares are implemented the utility of such expensive vehicle would greatly enhanced

8)less the cost of TU's for throwing flares and fix a max per soldier?implementing nightvision googles?or a massive airdrop of flares in the fight's area?

9)diminish the maintenance costs?

10)implementing chemical and incendiary granades\rockets?

11)the precision and sight range of the aliens is really chilling..i have lost many soldiers to shots fired from sideral distances greatly over any possible sight range..especially in night missions or even through deep smoke curtails..

12)the aliens thrown granades?

this is only a my personal feelings..the game after all is quite balanced but some questions would help to make a more funny and realistic game..


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1. Pistols have their own uses. Being equipped with one reduces the chance you'll be shot at by reaction fire and in the experimental build they are the only weapons that can be used with a shield. They're pretty effective as close range suppression due to the number of shots you can throw out too.

2. Game is still being balanced, and this includes income.

3. Flashbangs cause suppression. There was a bug with them in V18 where the further they are thrown, the less suppression they cause. Fixed in the Experimental build.

4. Another bug caused the precision, as low accuracy shots hit far too often. Cover is also useful, or not being seen during their turn.

5. Unlikely, since you'd simply have multiple weapons that do pretty much the same thing.

6. There's a bunch of work that needs to be done still, so whether they come back is still up in the air.

7. Also being balanced. There have been some mods that included what you said (From Gauddlike)

8. Also being balanced. Nightvision and flare drops are unlikely as it takes away the feel of night combats. They aren'y as dark in the Experimental build though, so not as bad.

9. Never noticed this to be a problem, but again, balance phase.

10. Not sure on the status of these.

11. Accuracy bug again.

12. Not yet, but soon.

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