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Select and move a group of soldiers

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While in the movement phase of combat, it looks like it would benefit by the ability to select multiple soldiers and move them at once, as moving each soldier one at a time over a long stretch of empty map can be a touch tedious.

Silent Storm 2's move method works well for this.

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Dont know, after so many years playing xcom its so fast and natural to click and point that I find the slow shot speed and animations to be the real tedious thing.

Anyway the idea is good. It may shine when using 16 soldiers and half the team is simply moving to unimportant places behind the battle line that is were you are actually babysitting each move.

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I don;t think this was dead in the water, the last time it came up.

Honestly, I wasn't terribly upset about it with the small squad sizes. But yeah, playing something else right before Xenonauts, shows what a bit of a chore it really is sometimes.

One of the things from X-Com Apocalypse that I hoped would have made it's way here. In that, these were things that the Gollops thought improved the original.

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