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Soldier management - not as easy as it could be

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So while playing I found out that soldier management is not well optimized.

For now best memorize all your soldier names, roles, and health status.

Hoped it will get improved with new GUI but I have just found it will actually get worse:

> Now we can see what is soldier health status only on BarracksTab in % (no time to full health available).

In new GUI we will not see even these info.

> Now on AircraftEquipTab we can see carried weapon on the bottom of soldier portrait.

In new GUI this feature is missing.

Besides this love the looks of new GUI.

So no to the point. Here is list of things I would really appreciate during soldier management.

- Health info on both BarracksTab and SoldierTab, preferably additional info on time for soldier to get full health on BarracksTab.

- Besides standard characteristics STR,APS etc., total sum would be nice to compare overall soldier performance (BarracsTab including hiring new recruits). Now I have to use calculator or strain my brain.

- Soldier role/loadout should be marked on AircraftEquipTab as well as on SoldierTab. This one is to allow placing different sorts of soldiers in correct positions without remembering their names. Now carried weapon on the bottom of soldier portrait is a bit useful but in my opinion active soldier should be marked better on set of portraits. An ideal solution in this case for me would be if on each green circle marking soldier position icon marking its loadout was visible.

- double clicking on unassigned soldier in BarracksTab should go to this soldier inventory, not to other soldier who is assigned to the aircraft.

- changing armour in BarracksTab could be possible but this one is of much less importance than previous four.

Sorry for grammar, hope everybody will understand.


Lately saw aliens using strafe, why my soldiers cannot do that?

When my soldier was up against the wall I couldn't heal him. Medkit always tried to heal the wall. I guess aiming at aliens may be impossible as well.

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The images of the new UI are just mockups, but all good points for inclusion.

Aliens 'strafing' is just from their sprites not updating in time. Looks pretty funny.

Walls getting in the way of healing are a known bug.

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