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Milestone 3.10.0 Released! (Experimental)

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This update is also only accessible by switching to our Experimental branches (instructions on how to do so here) - although note they have slower load times and worse performance than normal builds due to the extra logging they contain!

A few more fixes for bugs, including the "bald soldiers" bug that reappeared in the previous experimental build. This is hopefully now the final update needed for Milestone 3!


  • Fixed some soldiers being bald in combat missions. This bug has reoccured several times now due to Unity shenanigans, so we've entirely rewritten the system responsible to ensure it stays fixed - but please let us know if this has caused any further bugs!
  • Fixed an issue where the three "On Mission" soldiers would get permanently stuck in the dropship after returning to base if you flew to a Soldier Extraction mission site, then aborted the mission and returned to base.
  • Fixed pressing Esc on the Transfer Items screen not returning to the Geoscape like it does on other strategy UI screens.
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