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[XCE 0.35.1] Game won't launch.


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After I installed the community edition the game won't launch.

  • I started with a clean install of Xenonauts from GOG.com, uninstalled the previous installation and removed all save files and userdata. (After I first tried to run it on the installation I already had installed and then reinstalled it without removing the save files and userdata.)
  • Started up the game to see if it works and it is working fine.
  • I then downloaded the community edition from this forum.
  • Extracted all the files into the game folder, overwriting existing files.
  • Started up the launcher and it said it was running the community edition 0.35.1
  • Pressed play Xenonauts and a second or so later Windows tells me it stopped working.

I have tried disabling my antivirus, running it as admin and setting compatibility to Windows 7 and none of them did anything. I might try some more things tomorrow, but this is all I've done for now.

MOMO.txt is my DxDiag file.


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