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Enjoy the Game but the way using cover interacts with combat is frustrating

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I have enjoyed playing this game, however combat can be really frustrating. Cover doesn't really mean anything except as a hindrance to me.  If the cover is waist high and I am crouching right behind it or standing up I shoot it first half of the time with full TU points.  If I am on a higher level (elevated land or on a roof) and there is a patch of vegetation in the line of sight 3 to 8 squares from the target it hit it first. I can understand hitting items that provide waist high cover if I am not right on the other side of it and it is in the middle of my line of fire.  Cover just seems to penalize me and help the enemy.  The enemy can be in the middle of a field crouched with no cover and with full TU points I am at a 23 to 38% hit chance.  Blow up cover and if they are crouched the game acts like the cover is still there for them. 

When I use cover it maybe provide protection 15 to 25% of the time (I am also crouched).  It can be half cover or full cover it does not matter. I can be in a building crouched behind half cover and a wall and the enemy can shoot from another building thru a window into a window of my building bypassing my cover and hitting me square.

I would be nice to be able to use cover end a turn maybe not get hit 1 or 2 times and be able to shoot over the cover and not destroy it.

Character customization would be a bit nice too.  I have 2 bases with some subs and a 3rd base going up and everyone looks the same.  I know that is minor but I would just like to see a bit more there.

All told I will keep playing and hope combat and the use of cover improves a bit.

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The way line of fire is calculated is weird, just like it was in the first game. I got a mission in Alaska and noticed a low, flat stone barely above the snow was lowering hit chance for a soldier standing 2 tiles away from it, and the target was a Sebillian standing in open field about 8 to 10 tiles to the other side of said stone.

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