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Help - cash needed

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Here's my problem:

Random events take away cash I earn a month in advance from shooting down ufos leaving me with very little extra profit.

Terror missions appear where I can't reach them so I'm ...d.

Even though I am now much better at air combat and nearly always win, a couple of times with no damage to my planes I still lose the odd plane because fighter pilots are stupid and especially because they just fire missiles and won't release them one by one or on my command - yes, I've read the wiki.

The aliens are very good at sending fighters in currently against my forces which they know I can't fight i.e. MIG either in support of the scouts i.e. running interference or just to tie up my F17s./dropship Often the scouts end up over water so while I shoot them down because leaving them alone is bad, I only do so reluctantly because the bloody planes don't have enough fuel. If you cancel a combat due to lack of fuel, you end up in a loop of running from the fighters/ufos, if you stay and fight you just lose the planes. You simply can't afford to lose anything because money's so tight. Staff costs are horrendous, base rents are horrendous and I assume there is a condition that means you can't just run in the red for a short while. You can't manufacture for cash and ... you've guessed it, the costs are horrendous and the benefits...well, I can't afford to find out if there are any.

So...apart from going backwards, how do people make the cash to stay afloat and perhaps build other bases? I got 2 because I knew that would give me an extra level of control and I do need 3 at least just to be able to try to respond to terror alerts, because the idea of someone dropping a nuke on New York (for 6 aliens?!) makes me think that perhaps...surprise, surprise, I'll end up with no money - again.

After a while it gets very boring and irritating and it's not as though I'm even trying the hard levels, I'm trying the easiest one so I can get a lot of exposure to events to see how they stand up (invisible NPCs appearing, etc) but it's now got to the stage where I look at the geoscape and enjoy the music (which is good, incidentally).

So, back to the title. How do I make cash so I can do something?

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Will do.

Doubt it'll be easy though: ground missions are currently due to the AI constraints, but getting to them isn't as the game is clever in that regard. I just wonder why the powers that be will spend millions on nukes and wrecking the world economy that they want to save but won't give it to me so they wouldn't otherwise have to. :confused:

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There's the assets> aircrafts file that has a range parameter. You could try tweaking that to see if it's the only variable preventing your ability to reach a terror site to try it out. I've not done that, with the result I rarely get to visit terror sites.

I like to think that the world powers want you to succeed. But only just. So they can take you over when it's all finished and get that lovely alien technology for themselves.

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sgt thothkins: Hi Personal loans?

MichelleBot: Yes, How can we help you spiral into debt today?

sgt thothkins: I'd like a payday loan please?

MichelleBot: certainly. How much for and what major organ will you allow us to hold as collateral?

sgt thothkins: 80 billion pounds sterling please & I have a rubbery Caesian spleen to offer.

MichelleBot: um, sorry...did you say 80 billion

sgt thothkins: um yeah... we were a bit hungover from christmas, and there was a terror mission in Jakarta that went a bit wrong...

MichelleBot: You let Jakarta be nuked?

sgt thothkins: um....

MichelleBot: >click<

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You have the advantage of foresight. I recommend that you patent something.

Since rectangles with rounded edges are going to be taken later, and you don't want to be screwing with the timeline too much, I recommend something narrower.

For instance, patent "A portable communication device shaped as a parallelogram, with or without rounded or chamfered edges, including 10 or more buttons to be used for entering a numerical code of the call recipient, with or without a rectangular text or graphical liquid crystal or other type of indicator display, capable of displaying the number being called and/or some other information pertinent or not pertinent to the call being made, above or below the buttons."

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