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Shields are stuck with dropship...


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So I got this mission where my shields are stuck with the dropship on the other side of an insurmountable obstacle... a waist high rock fence


I don't know if this is due to community edition (if it's not just let me know and I'll go post it where I need to) but either having maps that don't trap your shields on turn 1 should be a thing or being able to drop the shield from directly the other side should be a thing(over waist high fences at least)... even if it was very TU expensive it would give the option to keep the stealth going and not have to attract alien attention on my location and have them swarm me by turn 3-4


I can't just drop the shields as they're a core part of my setup... and having to blow the wall up feels unfair and broken...

I got the game last weekend and am new to genre other than playing commandos and HoMM3 back in my early gaming career... so I don't have the experience to deal with a swarm of aliens just yet, I like to at least set the first ambush lol

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