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Dear towhomthismayconcern,

So Chris (hopefully) if you improve the ticker that would open up the possibility of super mods granting things...

I am not a modder but there are people on the forums that are and if you could take their suggestions bundle them up in a care package they would be able to worry about smaller(?) things that your team can't. We understand if you guys can't get around to some things and you don't want to hire new workers.

Small thing if you guys need to. Push the beta date forward I want a perfect game and you are a small team of awesome people.

If you are a modder say so and I'll add you to a list so that Chris knows who to listen too. Thanks for reading. Maybe show qualifications if not I'm afraid I won't be able to put you on my awsome list.

Qualifications suck as you've modded this game in alpha or you modded the other games. Any ways to improve my post would be helpfull :-)


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