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[V12.1] geoscape: CTD when a landing ship reaches a pouplated Xenonauts base

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I've reach July, the 25th and medium UFOs are often spotted on the geoscape. Because of the escort and the toughness of them, I can't crash them, so I let them live on my beloved earth. But sometimes, one of them finds my secondary Xenonauts base, and causes a CTD:


When a Landing ship reaches a base, 2 cases:

1°) there is no soldier to defend it, then the base is lost (it's not a bug, just cry baby!)

2°) there are soldiers to defend it, with weapons and armor and amos and naked pin-up on the wall. In this case, the game crashes during the loading of the map, just before the ground combat begins.

This is very ennoying because I can't go further in the game, this bug/CTD occuring very often due to the probability for landing ships to attack my bases.

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