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[V12.1] Base: duplicating manufactured weapon

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I found another bug, wich duplicates weapons but not amos.


Select a soldier with a manufactured weapon in your base (precision laser for instance)

right click the weapon to unequip it.

The total number of this weapon is incremented.

right click again on the weapon to equip it

the total number of this weapon is NOT decremented

ergo : everytime you procede, you duplicate the weapon.

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More awkward...

The bug I described before occured while I was manufactoring precision lasers, and occured with precision lasers.

Now, I don't craft this anymore, and it doesn't bug anymore. (don't know if their is a link)

Thus, I wanted to craft 3 precision lasers and 8 amos. Because of the bug, I only crafted 2, and the "cheat" gave me 3 extras guns.

But, the thing I don't understand is that my ingeneers made 5 of 8 amo, and my stock are a total of 14:

3 in each equipped weapon

3 as extra amo fort snipers

8 in stock (storeroom) which means I have 9 unexpected amo. My theory is that I unequipped/re-equipped my 3 precision lasers during the last 3 missions, and because every weapon fired at least once, the magazine were duplicated. i'll try to make it happen again, to describe a procedure.

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