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Vector aircraft already airborne to new targets

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Right now you can't re-intercept from a unit already in flight by clicking on the target - you need to click on the unit in flight and choose 'select new target', then click on the crash site. That said, maybe you could add the idea to the suggestions board.

What do the rest of us think?

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I don't mind it the way it already works.

There is no problem accidentally sending a squadron who was performing the task you wanted them to do off on a different heading.

You don't need to add to or change the UI so you can easily see the squadron you are thinking about sending, where they are, what mission they are on, what craft are in that squadron, how close they are to their target etc.

If you have a target and you see one of your squadrons nearby or not doing anything important you just click on them and send them to their new target.

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