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Hello, guys. I'm new to the forum, but I've been playing the game for a little while.

My question is if it's ok to host my mods on GitHub, seeing as the game is proprietary and such. Also, what license should I put on it, if any?

I know there's a "proper" way of sharing mods, through Steam Workshop, and I intend to look into that. Though, for the time being, this makes my workflow a lot easier.

To be honest, I already have one repository with a mod that I just "finished" (meaning it is playable). But it's kept private for the time being.

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Steam Workshop has never been the "proper" way of sharing mods. Steam Workshop fucks up more than it fixes.


The "proper" way to share mods has always been a unified place, like this forum. A place that people designate for mods. Goldenhawk Interactive actively designed this place for mods to be uploaded. But there is no penalty for uploading them to other places, for instance MEGA, Nexusmods, or google drive. The only thing you "technically" cant upload is the executeable. "Technically" you cant upload anything that would create a standalone running platform, but since all mods are based on having to have the base game all mods are allowed all around the internet.

Intellectual property is a different matter, and a grey area. But the worst case scenario is that somebody can ask you to stop hosting the content, or remove intellectual property from your content.

So, this place is the designated place for mods to be uploaded, but there is no penalty for uploading them anywhere else.


Oh yes, about the license. If you would know anything about licenses you would realise you cant put a license on something that you dont own. You dont own any intellectual property that goldenhawk owns. So you cant put a license on that. I mean you can, but its irrelevant. You can put a license on your own intellectual property, but thats your own buisness. And the rest is not intellectual property. Changing a line in the gameconfig file is not an intellectual property in the same way that the letter "5" is not anybodies intellectual property.

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