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[V18.2 - Ground Combat] Map blanks out after unit fires

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My third wave of terror missions dropped, but it was only one site instead of the 3 I started to expect. There were no rewards listed for completion.

During the first turn, I tried to shoot at something with MARS after I had shot at one enemy with another soldier and been shot at by another. MARS seemed to miss, but I couldn't tell because it seemed as though the shot got followed off screen somewhere. I still had the usual UI elements and they were fairly responsive, I could select soldiers and such, but I couldn't get the map to reappear at all. I reloaded the level from the first turn autosave and tried again, only to have the same thing happen when an enemy shot at me with overwatch. This time I saved the game in the bugged state and popped out to preserve the log file.

Attached are the autosave from the start of turn 1, the save from the bugged state, and the most recent log files (one was really short).


Update: Loading the saved file made during the bugged state seemed to make things work normally again.






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