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Doctor Snidely is the Bae

Just finished endgame for the first time! [SPOILERS]

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Wow, that was stressful. I've been watching Scott Manley's playthrough (hence my username) since 2016 semi-religiously; I think I watched the Endgame episode for something like the fourth time today. I moved extremely quickly, because I'd much rather die at the hands of some Harridan ******* than by Reaper. I was also quite concerned as to the fact that I only had two Magstorms and the Singularity Cannon— half of Scott's team were heavy weapons troopers. In retrospect, it might have made the mission easier, but there's nothing like mag shotguns for clearing Sebillians out of those power core rooms.

Wow, what a mission though. I took only two soldiers to each reactor, and my Hyperion and the eight others moved up. I used the Singularity Cannon to clear the first room and never used it again— what a hassle to reload, although I suppose that balances its extreme coolness levels. Anyway, I figured I wasn't going to need the Hyperion, so I moved it even more aggressively than I did my troops— it fired the shot (well two shots, actually) that saved humanity, but it was quickly destroyed by Harridan snipers and Caeseans flanking it. After that, it was a mad dash to the exits, as my team had spent far too many turns (probably only three :)) in the room before the palace. We got everyone out though, and in the rush to kill Harridans blocking our escape I destroyed the tank carcass as well, not leaving any technology in enemy hands. I didn't even see any Reapers, though apparently two waves spawned.

I gotta say, I was surprised by the epilogue— Scott Manley, my main source of information in this never showed it after Endgame. (Either because it wasn't in the game when he played it or because it takes an extra mouse click to trigger, probably.) It certainly cleared up a lot of questions— what happened to the alien forces after the big bad died (although I wonder why Harridans and Reapers kept on fighting after its death... hmm)? How does Xenonauts factor into the new world order? Is the good Doctor still as self-obsessed as ever? (Sidenote: Stockholm was never terrorized or bombed particularly badly during the war, so I guess Snidely is getting those Nobels after all.) I like the "Enjoy Evening" button as well— it's a far cry from the other buttons and popups that detailed alien terror missions at night, crashed UFOs and imminent base invasions. Rather, I'd like to imagine I fell asleep quickly, firmly in the arms of my (as-of-yet fictional) husband... Regardless, thank you devs, and I hope something just as awesome will find its way into X2!





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