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File changes are not showing in game

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Hey there

So, i've altered the weapons file in order to make the machine gun fire a burst of 5 shot for 40 TU, but when I launched the game and started a new campaign, the changes did not display.


What am I missing?

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Where are you looking for these changes?  There are separate files for the strategy (weapons.xml) and ground combat (weapons_gc) layers which are largely independent from each other and you will need to edit both.  Also, IIRC, none of the tooltip information is generated from actual game data and instead is specified as a string (in, er, strings.xml?).  So if you changed the values in weapons_gc.xml but not in the other files, for example, you'll see the change in a ground combat mission when you shoot etc. but not in tooltip information or in the soldier equipment screen.

It might also be that you've botched the mod somehow but if its not that, I suspect the issue will be something in what I've outlined here.

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