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Hardcore Mode & Power Armors?

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Hardcore Mode?

-Receive more experience/promotions.

-Not allowed to save during battlescape (Fallout Tactics).

-Fragile soldiers.

-Aggressive AI.

What about Power Armor? Are we gonna have some sort of research breakthrough which allows us to investigate power sources of sufficient energy density to sustain a full-body powered exoskeleton for more than a few hours?

Don't give me that 80's "realistic" theme when we're facing a fictional extraterrestrial life form.

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There is an ironman mode already, to prevent saves. Fragile soldiers and Agressive AI is most likely up to the difficulty, more experience/promotions is unlikely as far as I understand.

Yes, there will be powerarmours. And a special jumpjet type armour, only you will not be able to end your turn in the air like you could in X-com. You must allways end the turn on the ground.

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