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Xenonauts: The Brevity of Heroes - Development Thread

Man of Doge

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Xenonauts: The Brevity of Heroes

Realism Overhaul Mod


"Nineteen months ago we saw a great light was observed by telescopes around the globe, in the three days that followed we found the source to be the edge of our very own solar system. Two days and sixteen months later; they're at our doorstep. Within the hour they arrived they had destroyed all manner of communications and spy satellites around the globe, pushing us back to the skies. Now we see them descending upon us like flies upon the bloody corpse of a crusader defending his homeland -- trapped here beneath the sky and an unyielding earthen core, we begin to realize the true meaning of Hell on Earth ... Let us push back this unforeseen threat, these genocidal monsters, for the day we liberate the sky from that grim shadowed embrace will surely, one day, be nigh."

Starting Weapons:




Geoscape/Base Management:

-Xenonauts start with little money, but gain funds rapidly provided things are going well.

-RADAR and Command Centers now cost significantly more (OTH-RADAR and Nuclear Reactors are expensive!)

Air Combat:

-Starting Weapons Balance completed.

-Starting Aircraft re-balanced.

-It is now possible to lose over 5,000,000$ in a single month in funding due to insufficient air coverage.

-UFOs now flee on occasion when things look as if they will not go their way (expect this to be improve.)

-Proper wave grace period reduction based off current cumulative invasion-ticker implemented.

-Less active missions increased in rarity and/or limited; Research, Scouting and SupplyRun.

-UFO Mission chances refined -- expect far more engagements than before.

-Aircraft Detection Range increased dramatically, Detection chance reduced significantly.

-Aircraft weapon damage calculations completed -- expect nuclear weapons to become commonplace.

-For scale; 714285 is the HP value of an Alien "Magnatelum" (Formerly Alien "Battleship").

-"Mors-Dei" is the Alien Superweapon, expect to see it rarely, but remain prepared regardless.

Ground Combat:

-Starting Weapons Balance completed.

-Value of Initial soldiers increased tremendously due to value changes.

-Soldier Strength stat altered to set the average soldier's carry-capacity to 20kg.

-Weapon weight values moved closer to realistic weights without sacrificing Veteran-level game balance.

-Slow Starting Dropship, replaceable but at a cost.

-Medals grant 2 Bravery now instead of 1 as to offset ultra-slow bravery stat progression.

-Jackal Armour available sooner due to it being unbelievably low-tech.

-Human Soldiers' stats have been corrected.

-Human and Alien Armours have been altered as a result of weapon changes.

-More local forces and civilians added to missions (assuming the map has sufficient spawn-points for them.)

-RPG Launchers are now used instead of irritatingly heavy Bazookas.

-Kinetic pierces, laser is instant, plasma is electrifying and incendiary is more volatile.

-Psionics and Morale have been made legitimately serious.

-Alien Non-Combatants armed with Non-Lethal Grenades.

-Alien Race behaviors accentuated more.

-Alien Weapons corrected and balanced against Xenonaut capabilities.

-Tileset Masks received massive corrections to geographic inaccuracies.

Aesthetics and Sound:

-Aircraft Weapons Imagery completed.

-Difficulty Images improved.

-TileRender settings tweaked to help immersion.

-Friendlier GC UI (just changed some harsh greens to blues.)

-Rocket Images changed as to fit the RPGL-style.

-Stocks on Laser Weapons removed as there is no significant recoil on a laser gun as to warrant a stock.

Current Issues:

-Harridan pathing is broken, they never stop flying.

Current Version:

0.66 (ALPHA)


Version 0.66










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UPDATE TO VERSION 0.66 (March/06/2016)

After vigorous testing and some further research was completed, the following changes have been made;

"X-17 Flammspitter" armour mitigation has been raised to 50 from 35.

Armour Degradation has been raised to 30% from 20.

both Armor and Personnel Armour has been massively re-balanced.

Soldier levelup/rankup requirement has been improved upon.

Strength Equations have been overhauled.

Alien Weapons have had their damage, accuracy, range, mitigation, etc. balanced in-line with Gauss/MAG Weaponry.

Bleeding has been fixed; it is now possible to have a soldier bleed out in 2-4 turns.

Alien Ticker has been slowed as to allow the player a chance to prepare/survive the onslaught which hits after Month 4 comes around.

TU/Movement System has been completed--expect your best soldier be capable of moving 40+ tiles/meters per turn.

Alien Bases will now deal 75 Relations Damage per month.

Partial Compatibility with "Fire in the Hole" implemented.

Alien AC Courage balanced.

Starting Base Layout has been finalized.

RADAR Range has been reduced slightly.

Alien Grenades implemented.

Medal images and descriptions have been made more pleasing to the eye. More reds, blues and greys, just like real Military Coalitions and PMC Forces use.

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