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Playing As The Aliens


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So i have just completed xenonauts and i felt that even though i modded the game, i was still missing some of the story line, then i thought, "what if i could play as the aliens". so i looked around but couldn't find a mod that did that, so i was wondering:

1. Is it possible to make a mod like this?


2. If so, could someone make it?

now im not asking for a total coversion mod, just something that maybe changed textures/animations and maybe a different story line (though a total conversion mod would be nice)

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It's doable, but animations in this game tend to be a pain to do (mainly due to time reasons.)

The best someone could do would be to make it so instead of aliens invading; it's humans invading the aliens--the game is designed to be played by a defender and reversing it would require changing hardcoded stuff. Texture/animation and xenopedia changing shouldn't require any hardcode changes.

I know I'm not the best at explaining, but I hope that gibberish of mine helps you. *salute*

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